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DOOH outdoor billboard on roof top with big brand on it

The outdoor led billboard was installed on the top of DANUBE HOME,and beside experss way,it become one of the largest digital led display in Egypt.

DOOH outdoor billboard

Cairo is the biggest city in Africa and Middle east,22 million people lived in this city,that means there are millions of peope driving by the location everyday.The led video wall with size of 25mx9m,so you will see the led display when you pass by no matter go shopping or go to work.

To find the location and get the job done needs a lot of vision and power,worldwide famous football star Mohamed Zidan is the man make it happen.He is a successful player in the football industry,and he is a successful business man in the DOOH industry. From the billboard you can see Mecedez Benz,Lancome and some RealEstate brand,full of big brand all year.

DOOH outdoor billboard

SoStron is so lucky to be partner of him in the DOOH business, and we give good solutions & support to his team to help him grow the business.

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