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Iris: Business trip to Brazil

In June and July of this year, I was on a business trip in Brazil. This trip was very rewarding and full of experiences.

At work, I have face-to-face communication with Brazilian clients, and we talk about more content and in more detail than online. I was lucky enough to visit the customer’s office and warehouse and learn about the products they currently have, who they are currently cooperating with, and where their business is heading. It is very helpful for subsequent communication with customers. I introduce our products and services to different customers in a targeted manner and propose corresponding solutions based on their needs.



This business trip not only allowed me to better understand the needs of customers, but also gained a certain understanding of the current trend and wind direction of the Brazilian market.

In terms of culture, I was exposed to different cultures in Brazil, the way Brazilians think and live. This has been very helpful for me to reach Brazilian customers.


This business trip gave me a deeper understanding of Brazilian culture and a better understanding of Brazilians. This is of great significance to my personal growth and development. I experienced the natural scenery and cultural customs of Brazil, and felt the unique charm of Brazil.

Overall, this business trip to Brazil was a very unforgettable experience. I gained knowledge, insights and friendships, and also gained a deeper understanding and affection for Brazil.

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