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Kelly: Business trip to Spain

In April this year, I traveled to Spain with the LED display team and spent a month there. In my mind, Europe is very romantic and ancient. When I actually arrived, I realized that it is really beautiful!

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We set off from Hong Kong, stopped in Bangkok, transferred to Dubai, and arrived in Madrid, Spain, after more than 20 hours. After getting off the plane, we rushed to the hotel to meet our first LED display customer, who was also a partner. Then we walked around the city center and saw many beautiful buildings that previous clients had photographed for me. It turns out that this is Western style, and seeing it once is better than hearing it a hundred times.

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In this month, we basically visited a circle of Spain, from south to north, Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Las Palmas… Feeling that people in the south will be more enthusiastic, we drove thousands of miles to meet The different customers, the countless scenery along the way, and the sunset are still something I can never forget.

It feels very good to visit customers in a foreign country. I can sit across from them and introduce our LED display company, culture, team, and products. I think this is the only way for foreign trade people! Thanks to the company for giving us the opportunity to see the bigger world, which is of great help to our growth. During this business trip, I not only gained a deeper understanding of Spanish culture, but also shortened the distance between me and my customers. Because talking to customers face to face can make each other more impressed.

The world is really big, you should see more of it!

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