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Elisa: Business trip in Europe

I once had the privilege of traveling to Europe on business and spent three weeks in France. This experience left a deep impression on me and was very rewarding.

Traveling is full of challenges and exercises. During the business trip, I need to complete work tasks independently and communicate effectively with clients and colleagues. During the trip, I need to complete the work independently and communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, which places higher demands on my work and communication skills.

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Going on a business trip to Europe was a very unforgettable experience in my life. This experience allowed me to gain knowledge, insights and abilities. The following are some specific gains and feelings from traveling to Europe:

Europe is one of the birthplaces of world history and culture, with a long history and splendid culture. During my business trip, I visited many places of interest and art palaces, and felt the historical and cultural charm of Europe. This gave me a deeper understanding of European history and culture, and traveling to Europe was also a challenge in overcoming language, cultural and environmental differences.

During my business trip, I had to overcome various difficulties to complete my work tasks. This has improved my personal quality and strengthened my ideals and goals. As well as meeting customers in a real sense, face-to-face communication always has a different feeling. I can feel my shortcomings and improvements.

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