Now, how to choose outdoor LED display?

Aug 10, 2022, 1:57:36 AM

Many users do not know much about LED display when they buy it. Most of them buy it for their own companies or customers, so they ask a lot of questions about LED display before consulting. Now, LED products are emerging in endlessly, and the types are also various.

The usual models of outdoor screens are p4.81, P5, P6, p6.25, p7.61, P8, P10, p12, P14, p16, P18, P20 and P25. With the improvement of the R & D capability of each screen enterprise, as long as the dot spacing is greater than p2.5, the screens can be used outdoors.


As we all know, the popular outdoor LED display screen is widely used in the outdoor advertising media industry, and the outdoor LED display screen with guaranteed quality can work normally in different climate environments. However, the composition of outdoor LED displays on the market is so uneven that it is difficult for users to make a choice before facing a variety of devices. Then, how do users choose outdoor LED displays?



So, Now, how to choose outdoor LED display?



The playing area is less than 20 square meters. It is recommended to use the high-definition refresh outdoor screen between p2.5 and P5. With an area of 20 to 30 square meters, it is recommended to use the LED full-color display screen between P5 and P10. With an area of 30 to 100 square meters and a viewing distance of 10 meters, it is recommended to use the LED large screen between P10 and p16.


We all know that P represents the pixel spacing, and the value behind P mainly refers to the distance between the pixels of the display module, which is commonly referred to as the dot spacing in the LED industry. The smaller the value of the dot spacing, the higher the unit pixel, the clearer the display screen, and the more suitable for close viewing. Therefore, for the LED outdoor display screen, if the distance is relatively close, it is recommended to use the display screen between p2.5 and p12, if it is farther away, or p15, and if it is farther away, the display screen between p16 and P25.

If the area of LED outdoor display screen is more than 100 square meters and the viewing distance is more than 30 meters, it is recommended to use the display screen above p16. Because the display screen above p16 is suitable for customers who do not require high definition, and the display screen area is relatively large, and can display simple images and video pictures at a distance. The longer the viewing distance is, the larger the screen area will be. If the requirements for the clarity of the display screen are relatively low, the display screen with large dot spacing can be selected.


When selecting outdoor LED full-color display, waterproof and lightning proof boxes must be used to prevent circuit instability caused by thunder and rain and screen burning.

Steel frame

The steel frame for outdoor LED display must be professional customized, and the regular steel frame with professional evaluation can bear the weight of the main screen and the weight of other accessories, and ensure that it can be firm and safe even in windy days. Avoid falling off and injuring pedestrians.


Before purchasing outdoor full-color LED display screen, you must compare three stores, pay more attention to the market situation, and select manufacturers with good reputation according to your own situation. In terms of price, do not be confused by low-cost bait, and ensure the quality and durability of the screen.


outdoor LED display

What are the advantages of different types of outdoor full-color LED screens?

Embedded typ

The embedded type is to add steel structure on the wall, and then embed the LED display screen with the added steel structure as the support point. Because it is embedded in the wall, it does not need other supports, and is mostly installed on the outer wall of the building.

Step type

The application method of step type is the same as its name. It is mainly installed on the step (facade). Through color change, it can produce high-level feeling and gorgeous effect. Generally, the best observation distance is three meters away.

Hanging type

The hanging type generally uses the steel structure that has been designed and completed on the site to hang the LED display screen on it. Because it is easy to install and does not need wall support, it has obvious advantages in short-term or temporary use, but long-term use is not conducive to stability. Therefore, it is generally used in stage, performance, exhibition and other performance activities.

Column type

The reason for adopting column type is usually that there is no steel structure or wall around as the support point, or it may also be that the working place has high requirements for steel structure. This type of product is usually used in outdoor street or highway areas.