6-minute understanding of indoor led display

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Definition of indoor led display

The screen used in indoor environment, which uses light emitting diode (LED) to display information.

With the photosensitive control system, the brightness of the display screen can be automatically adjusted according to the changes of indoor light, which not only saves energy and environmental protection, but also greatly reduces your operating costs and is more acceptable to the audience.

The maximum brightness of indoor LED screen can reach 2000md/m2, which is far more than other large screen displays. Moreover, the maximum viewing angle of the indoor LED screen exceeds 160 degrees, giving you a wider view.


indoor LED display

6 advantages of indoor led display

High gray level

Even under low brightness, the gray scale performance of indoor led display screen is almost perfect, and its display image hierarchy and brightness are higher than traditional display screen, but also can show more image details without information loss.

High refresh rate

The number of times the electron beam scans the image on the screen repeatedly. The higher the scanning times, the higher the refresh rate, and the better the stability of the displayed image. The lower the refresh rate, the more the image flickers and shakes, and the faster the eyes become tired. Under high refresh, LED small pitch screen can capture images stably, without wavy black screen, with clear image edges, and accurately restore the true image information.

Seamless butt joint

The splicing large screen display technology can never avoid the impact of the physical frame when meeting the customer's needs to the maximum extent. Even the ultra narrow edge DID professional LCD screen still has very obvious splicing seams. Only the LED display screen makes the splicing seam meet the seamless requirements, and the advantages of seamless splicing of high-density and small spacing LEDs are highlighted.

Simple installation

Indoor led display is very simple to install, and can be installed on a variety of bearing surfaces with fixing clips, trunking, iron wire, iron mesh, etc. In addition, because the LED display screen is light and thin, the use of double-sided adhesive can also achieve the fixed function.

Environment protection

The indoor led display screen is made of environment-friendly materials, which are recyclable and will not cause pollution and damage to the environment due to heavy use.

Low calorific value

The luminous element of indoor LED display screen is LED. Because the power of a single LED is very low, generally 0.04~0.08W, the heat is not high.


indoor LED display

Application scenario of indoor led display

It is mainly used in sports venues, advertising media, leasing, stage performance, energy, command/monitoring/conference center, radio and television, transportation, real estate, etc.There are six differences between indoor and outdoor LEDs. Do not use outdoor LEDs indoors!

Common models of indoor led display

Common models are P1.25/P1.53/P2/P2.5/P3/P4. The smaller the model, the higher the price.

The price of led display screen is affected by the following aspects.

1. Screen body: model, area, lamp bead brand.

2. Configuration equipment: video processor, computer, air conditioner.

3. Others: installation and commissioning, transportation, structure, after-sales.


indoor LED display


Price of indoor LED display

The price of P4 indoor LED display price is about 500 dollars per square meter.

The price of P3 indoor LED display is about 580 dollars per square meter.

The price of P2.5 indoor LED display is about 640 dollars per square meter.

 The price of  P2 indoor LED display screen is about 1000 dollars per square meter.

 The price of P1.86 indoor LED display screen is about 1280 dollars per square meter.

 The price of P1.53 indoor LED display screen is about 2000 dollars per square meter.

 The price of P1.25 indoor LED display is about 2500 dollars per square meter.


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