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P2 LED Screen Price Guide


What is P2 LED Screen? What is P2.5 LED Panel?
What is the size of the P2.5 LED panel?
P2 LED screen price

P2 LED Screen Price
P2 LED Screen

What is P2 LED Screen? What is P2.5 LED Panel?

P2 LED screen refers to the LED display with a pixel pitch of 2 mm. The P2.5 LED panel refers to the LED display with a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm. LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode, LED screen is a display device that uses LED as a light source. Pixel pitch refers to the physical distance between adjacent pixels on the LED screen, expressed in millimeters. The smaller pixel pitch of P2 and P2.5 LED screens means that more pixels can be placed on a given screen size, providing higher resolution and sharper images. Free guide to teach you LED screen resolution selection.

P2 and P2.5LED screens are commonly used in indoor applications, such as commercial advertising, exhibition displays, stage backgrounds, etc. Due to the smaller pixel spacing, P2 and P2.5LED screens deliver finer, more realistic images when viewed up close. In addition, P2 and P2.5LED screens have high brightness, high contrast and a wide range of viewing angles, allowing viewers to clearly see the content on the screen from different angles.

P2.5 LED Screen Price
P2.5 LED Screen Price

What is the size of the P2.5 LED panel?

The size of the P2.5 LED panel can vary by manufacturer and product model, but in general, the common size of the P2.5 LED panel is 320 mm × 160 mm. This is a standard LED module size, usually composed of multiple such modules to form a large LED display.

It should be noted that the size of the LED panel can be customized according to the specific project needs, so there may be other sizes to choose from. If you have specific LED panel size requirements, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer or supplier directly for accurate information and customization options.

P2 LED screen price

The price of P2 LED screen will be affected by a number of factors, including but not limited to the following factors:

Screen size: The larger the size of the LED screen, the higher the price is usually.
Pixel pitch: P2 LED screen pixel pitch is 2 mm, compared to smaller pixel pitch (such as P1.5), the price is usually relatively low.
Pixel density and resolution: P2 LED screens have higher pixel density and resolution, which can increase costs for screens of the same size.
LED quality and brightness: high-quality LED chips and bright LED screens are usually more expensive.
Quantity and customization requirements: If you need a large number of P2 LED screens or have specific customization requirements, the price may vary.

Due to changes in market competition and supply and demand, the price of LED screens will also fluctuate. P2 LED screen price is about 2000 US dollars per square. We recommend that you contact us to obtain the most accurate quotation and negotiate pricing according to your specific needs and project size.

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