Four methods to improve the clarity of Saudi Arabia's LED transparent screen

Mar 8, 2023, 1:53:02 AM

Saudi Arabia's LED transparent screen has developed rapidly with the characteristics of high definition and high transparency since its inception. Now LED transparent screen has become the main media for information broadcast and advertising. Here are six common transparent LED displays.


The installation of standard LED transparent screen generally includes base installation, hoisting, hanging installation, etc.

1. Floor mounting

It is commonly seen in glass windows, exhibition halls, etc. If the height of the screen is not high, it can be simply fixed at the bottom; If the height of the screen is high, it is necessary to fix the screen by using a fixed square at the back of the screen.

2. Wall-mounted

It is commonly used in the cross-floor area of the atrium floor, or in the application scenario where the curtain wall/window installation is oriented to indoor playback.

3. Suspended hoisting

It is commonly seen in the special shape of event rental, commercial complex atrium, or exhibition hall. The installation method of led transparent screen is not fixed, and can be flexibly changed according to the site conditions and the design requirements. The installation of led transparent screen is so convenient, and its high permeability, high energy saving, and cool display mode is doomed to a hot market.


LED transparent screen

Saudi Arabia's LED transparent screen itself has the characteristics of high permeability, light and thin, easy to install, energy-saving environment, invisible structure installation and so on. It is favored by the market, but does not affect the overall layout of the surrounding buildings, and conforms to the high standard of the city's appearance. The high-definition display effect is its favorite part.

If you want to have a high-definition display effect, you need to do two things: the film source is high enough and the display is high enough. LED display screen is also pursuing more high-definition display effect, which is the same as that of mobile phone screen. LED transparent screen is no exception, for example, small spacing LED transparent screen has been developed for high definition.

So how to improve the clarity of Saudi LED transparent flat?

A. Select high-definition film source

The film source is crucial to the LED transparent display. The purpose of the display screen is to display the content. A good film source plays a vital role. Of course, the film source should choose high-definition, high contrast, clear color layers, bright colors, and pleasing to the eye. Of course, the definition of the film source should also match the resolution of the screen. It can only adapt to the resolution of the screen. It can't be too low, nor can it be too high definition screen to play.

B. Improve contrast

Everyone also knows that contrast is one of the key factors affecting visual effects. The higher the contrast, the brighter the color, the higher the saturation, and the clearer the image. High contrast is of great help to the clarity, detail and gray level of the image. In dynamic video, the contrast performance is better. In dynamic video, the light and dark conversion is faster. The higher the contrast, the easier it is for human eyes to distinguish such conversion process. Special processing of the panel and light emitting tube of Saudi Arabia's LED transparent display can improve the contrast of the LED transparent display and reduce the reflectivity of the LED panel at the same time.


LED transparent screen

C. Reduce the point spacing

We have talked about the point spacing many times. The smaller the point spacing, the more pixels per unit area, the higher the definition of the pixel, the higher the natural definition. This is the same with mobile phone pixels. Many transparent screen manufacturers also improve screen clarity by developing and producing small spacing LED transparent screens. However, we have also said that dot spacing and transparency are two aspects of opposites and contradictions. If dot spacing is small, clarity will be high, and transparency will be sacrificed. It is the manufacturer's job to find a balance between these two factors. With the continuous development of technology, these problems are believed to be solved.

D. Improve the gray level

Gray level refers to the brightness level that can be distinguished from the darkest to the brightest in the single primary color brightness of LED transparent display screen. The higher the gray level of Saudi Arabia's LED transparent display screen, the richer the color, the more gorgeous the color. Increasing the gray level can greatly improve the color depth, the display level of image color, the display level, and the recognition degree will increase, and the definition will naturally improve.

In the future, the LED screen industry will develop in the following directions: smaller dot spacing, more high-definition and fine image quality, higher contrast, higher gray scale and higher refresh rate. Nowadays, the human-screen interaction technology has become more and more mature. From the use of interactive radar sensing equipment to the chip of LED display module itself with human-screen interaction sensing module, the product has higher interaction sensitivity, lower delay and more special effects. Through the way of human-screen interaction, the audience can interact with the screen, which can bring a certain amount of people flow to the store, and also increase the income of advertisers. The advertising effect is higher, and the commercial value of transparent screen is also higher.