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Seven Guidelines for Purchasing Outdoor LED Displays

As we all know, outdoor LED displays occupy a leading display position in the advertising field, so many people will have investment or direct investment demand for LED displays. What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing LED displays? According to the different needs of each project, such as the different choices of pixels, resolution, price, playing content, display life, front or rear maintenance, there will be different trade-offs.

Many users do not know much about LED display when they purchase it. Most of them purchase it for their own companies or customers, so they always ask a lot of questions about LED display before consulting.

outdoor LED display

So, how do you choose outdoor LED display? Here are seven guidelines for purchasing outdoor LED displays!

Basic parameters

When purchasing, you should purchase according to the color of the LED used. The outdoor LED display screen can be divided into single primary color, dual primary color and full color. It is also necessary to purchase according to the point spacing. When selecting the outdoor LED display screen, it is also necessary to select the point spacing of the display screen according to the viewing distance.


Gray scale is an important indicator of good display effect of outdoor LED display screen. However, since gray scale is determined by the number of analog digital conversion digits in use with the support of other supporting hardware, it is also necessary to have a good understanding of such related knowledge. In actual use, the higher the gray level is, the better the display effect is.

Drive mode

The driving mode of outdoor LED display screen is also a key to selection, which should be determined comprehensively according to the expected display effect and budget. The driving mode can be divided into static scanning and dynamic scanning. The effect of using the display screen varies greatly with different use conditions.

Waterproof, dustproof and lightning protection

If the outdoor LED display screen wants to operate normally, it must first overcome the impact of “rain” and “dust”. In the outdoor, the LED display must be installed with waterproof and dust-proof structure, and the protection level must reach IP65. Similarly, the LED display should also be equipped with lightning protection devices to avoid accidents in thunderstorm weather.

Light pollution

With the popularity of LED display, the concept of “light pollution” has been proposed. So does LED display screen count as “light pollution”? The international definition of light pollution is generally divided into three categories: white light pollution, artificial daytime pollution and colored light pollution. At present, China only has relevant regulations on glass curtain wall in white light pollution, and there is no relevant regulations on artificial daytime and color light pollution.

LED billboards

Structural design

Outdoor LED display screen is generally large, so it is still very heavy. For the LED display screen installed outdoors, the first thing to pay attention to is the structural design. The installation structure should take into account: wind resistance, earthquake resistance, bearing capacity and other major factors; Secondly, the shape, structure and exterior decoration design of the screen should be in harmony with the building or environment it is attached to.

After-sale service

After sales service of LED display equipment is often overlooked. After sales service is considered as a decoration. But in fact, due to the tedious LED disassembly and high technology content, the after-sales link is obviously more important than the conventional electrical equipment.

These are the seven guidelines for purchasing outdoor LED displays. I hope you can purchase satisfactory outdoor LED displays. If you have any LED related problems, you can contact us and we will provide corresponding solutions!

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