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SOSTRON is strong because of you

It’s a big day today.

We are holding the annual party 2021 to award some of our excellent SOSTRON staff, and celebrate new year 2022 in the biggest golf club Mission Hills Golf Club,where some celebrities come enjoy their time.

Before the party,host Kayla,Allen are working on the party process, little nervice and exciting.

Service team are busying with the decoration,flower,baloon,food and drinks,AV equipment etc,thanks for your contribute to make sure the show goes smooth.

Here comes the highlight of the year,they work all night to deviery led display on time,they support client in the mid of the night to help client with the jobs on site,they feel happy to improve our work and make it efficient,and they are normal people doing tremendos things for sostron,and also for themself and family.

80’s vs 90&00’s,one generation after another,SOSTRON always pass the experience,passion and good traditions to the young team,provide good products and services to our client is the only goal,that keeps us get up early in the morning,and keep on when we face problems.

In the end,thank all the team’s effort in year of 2021,no matter we work in the production Dept.,financing Dept.,sales Dept.,R&D Dept. or other,we are lucky to have each other,and we will try our best to be a better ME in the comming 2022.

Also we’d like to thank all our clients and suppliers,you request and support keeps SOSTRON team unit stronger each year.

SOSTRON is strong because all of you,let’s make it happen.

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