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SoStron Summarization Session 2022

Business like fighting a war, achievements are honored, the battle horn of 2022 has been blown…

On 25th December, 2021, annual SoStron summarization session has been held and the plan for working in 2022 has been made.


Everyone in SoStron not only spoken about their achievements in 2021 and what need to be adjusted in the future, but also planed for 2022 in terms of ways, attitude and achievements.

At the meeting, we adopted a special approach military order, Andrew Ye awarded SoStron numbers a military order, where they wrote down and shouted out their annual achievement goals with passion and promised to fullfill what they have said.

Finally, we wish everyone a happy new year and hope that in the new year, SoStron’s partners can meet challenges with a new features and work together for a share future in the 2022.

Thank you all!   –  by Kayla Z

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