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This year, LED poster screen products and prices

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Do you need to use LED poster screen?
Key issues to consider when purchasing an LED poster screen.
LED poster screen products – sPoster
sPoster parameters and prices
Questions and professional answers about LED poster screens

In today’s digital advertising era, LED poster screens have emerged as a powerful tool to attract people’s attention. LED poster screen is a digital billboard that enables owners of retail businesses, restaurants, clubs, exhibitors and even organizers to upload their videos and digital static content to showcase their core products in the easiest way. It’s convenient, stylish and simple. For the basic concepts, advantages and applications of LED poster screens in different fields, you can check out this article: Everything about LED poster screens.

Do you need to use LED poster screen?

When you want to attract customers’ attention and drive sales in businesses such as merchants, brands, retailers, restaurants and cafes. LED poster screens can be used to display product information, promotional activities, new product releases and other advertising content.

When you are an exhibition, expo, conference and event organizer, you can use LED poster screens to display exhibit information, schedules, speaker materials, transportation guides, etc.

You can also use LED poster screens in stadiums, performing arts venues and entertainment venues to broadcast sports matches, music videos, interactive games and event information.

You can also use LED poster screens in museums, airports, train stations, shopping malls and large commercial buildings to provide navigation information, store guidance, event schedules and maps.

Key issues to consider when purchasing an LED poster screen:

Screen size and resolution: Choose the right screen size and resolution based on your space and content needs. Large screens are generally suitable for large venues, while high resolution provides a clearer display.

Brightness and Visibility: Consider the brightness level of your LED poster screen, especially when used outdoors. The higher the brightness, the better the screen’s visibility in daylight. Make sure the screen is clearly visible in your environment.

Control System: Understand the control system of your LED poster screen and make sure it is compatible with your needs and equipment. Some LED screens require an external controller, while others can be connected directly to a computer or media player.

Maintenance and support: Consider maintenance and support issues. Choose a reliable supplier that provides after-sales service and support to ensure long-term screen availability.

Budget: Last but not least consider your budget. LED poster screen prices vary based on model, size and features. Make sure your budget covers purchase, installation and maintenance costs.

Regulations and Licensing: Understand the regulations and licensing requirements associated with LED poster screen installation and use to ensure compliance.

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The following is an introduction to our company’s LED poster screen products – sPoster

sPoster not only has a plug-and-play media player, but can also be easily integrated with Novastar synchronous and asynchronous control systems, making it simple and fast, and end-user maintenance is at hand.

sPoster seamless splicing technology allows the large screen to present a continuous picture like flowing water, making both displays and advertisements more vivid and eye-catching.

sPoster has a maximum brightness of 1200nits and dual-mode function, making the display effect dazzling and adjustable at any time.

sPoster’s more intelligent cluster management and Internet connection allow you to remotely and centrally manage audit content, and the precision marketing model can also double the advertising value.

sPoster parameters and prices

Spacing (mm) 1.8 2.5 3
LED SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD2020
Density (dots/sqm) 308642 160000 111111
Module resolution (dots) 11378 4096 4096
Module width (mm) 192 160 192
Module height (mm) 192 160 192
Cabinet width (mm) 576 640 576
Cabinet height (mm) 1920 1920 1920
Cabinet thickness 70 70 70
resolution (dots) 341333 196608 122880
Width (kg) 25 25 25
Material aluminium aluminium aluminium
Maintain Front Front Front
Waterproof level IP43 IP43 IP43
Maximum brightness (cd/sqm) 800 800 800
Color temperature (k) 6500 6500 6500
Perspective 140/140 140/140 140/140
Contrast 5000:1 5000:1 5000:1
Maximum power consumption (w) 200 200 200
Average power consumption (w) 150 150 150
Voltage type AC AC AC
Voltage (v) 110-220 110-220 110-220
Drive mode 1/32 1/32 1/32
Screen FPS (hz) 60 60 60

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Questions and professional answers about LED poster screens

Question 1: What is the working principle of LED poster screen?

Answer 1: The working principle of LED poster screens is based on light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Each LED is a semiconductor device that emits light. LEDs are arranged in a matrix, called an LED module. These LED modules create images or videos by controlling electrical current to emit different colors of light. Different combinations of red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs can produce millions of colors.

Question 2: How does the resolution of the LED poster screen affect the display quality?

Answer 2: Resolution is the pixel density of the LED poster screen, which affects the clarity of the display. A higher resolution means more pixels, resulting in more detail and sharper images. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the displayed image, but it may also increase the cost.

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Question 3: What are the brightness and contrast of the LED poster screen?

Answer 3: Brightness is the intensity of light emitted by the LED poster screen, usually expressed in nits. Contrast is the difference between light and dark areas, with higher contrast providing a clearer image. Brightness and contrast are important factors that affect the visibility of the screen in different environments.

Question 4: What impact does the refresh rate of the LED poster screen have on video playback?

Answer 4: The refresh rate is the speed at which the LED poster screen updates the image, usually expressed in Hertz (Hz). Higher refresh rates provide smoother video playback, reducing screen tearing and blurring. A higher refresh rate is especially important when playing high-speed video or animation.

Question 5: What is the lifespan of the LED poster screen?

Answer 5: The life of the LED poster screen is usually determined by the service life of the LED module, which can generally reach tens of thousands of hours. However, lifespan is affected by factors such as usage conditions, temperature, brightness, and maintenance. Regular maintenance and proper use can extend the life of your LED poster screen.

Question 6: What is the energy consumption of LED poster screen?

Answer 6: LED poster screens are relatively energy-efficient because LEDs are low-power light sources. Its energy consumption depends on screen size, brightness and usage time. Indoor screens generally use less energy, while outdoor screens may require more energy to cope with brightness requirements.

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