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5 minutes to understand LED pole screen

What are the characteristics of LED pole screen?
Is the price of LED pole screen calculated by square meter or box?
How much is the LED lamp pole screen?
What are the factors that affect the price of LED pole screen?
LED pole screen factory procurement process.

As the darling of the new outdoor media in the new era, LED pole screen has become the information carrier of outdoor advertising with the advantages of real and vivid visual experience, high brightness, intelligent response and real-time communication. Why has LED display become the first choice for brand marketing? LED pole screen is an important part of smart street lamp project, which directly affects the quality and image of smart street lamp project, and is the connecting bridge between the concept of virtual smart street lamp and people’s real experience. LED pole screen matching smart street light mode has become the norm in our life.

LED pole screen

Features of LED pole screen:

1. Light and thin design, surface tempered glass cover, aging resistance, strong impact resistance, aluminum alloy box material.

2. Intelligent module, supporting 4G, 3G, wifi signals, monitoring road video information, temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, PM2.5 value, etc.

3. Multiple controls, support synchronous/asynchronous control, support remote centralized management of multiple light poles and screens, simple operation.

4. The protection grade of the box is front/rear, P65/IP54, which can be directly naked, without the need to install air conditioning for auxiliary cooling, saving operating costs.

5. Multilayer PCB board, lamp board current distribution is uniform, and heat dissipation is good.

Is the price of LED pole screen calculated by square meter or box?

Due to the size of LED pole screen, it is relatively small. The area of a lamp pole screen is mostly between 0.5 and 2 square meters. Moreover, the LED lamp pole screen is not usually a whole box structure, including the screen body, system, power supply, fan, etc. Therefore, in view of this situation, the LED pole screen is quoted according to the number.

How much is the LED pole screen?

The model and size of each lamp pole screen are different, and the price will certainly be different. At present, the price of conventional LED pole screen is about 800 dollars. Of course, this is also related to the configuration, such as the brand of lamp beads and power supply. Here are 10 guidelines for selecting LED display manufacturers in 2023!

Factors affecting the price of LED pole screen:

1. LED pole screen function

LED pole screen functions are also optional. The more functions customers require, the higher the price of LED pole screen will be. Of course, function carrying, such as light sensor, monitoring, audio, face recognition, etc. are optional functions.

2. Customized LED pole screen

According to different project requirements, LED pole screen manufacturers will design different styles and carry different functions. Compared with the conventional standard series, the manufacturer needs to draw drawings and contact the supplier for proofing according to demand, including time and energy investment, and the overall cost is high.

LED pole screen

LED pole screen factory procurement process:

1. After the full color display project is settled, both parties sign a contract, and the customer prepays part of the payment.

2. The manufacturer starts production, production, testing, delivery, loading and logistics transportation.

3. The logistics will be transported to the customer’s local area, and our company will send 1-2 technicians to accompany them.

4. After the customer accepts the goods, pay the balance and pick up the goods.

5. My technician accompanied the customer to the installation site and began to guide the installation until the installation was completed.

6. After the installation of the whole display screen project, the technician is responsible for debugging, and the whole full-color led display screen is successfully lit. And provide corresponding technical guidance to the customer’s display screen operation and management personnel in the future, including teaching the application knowledge of display screen video playing software and daily attention maintenance knowledge.

Smart street lamp+LED pole screen is not only a standard, but also a model, which is a reference for the development of other smart life products. From the selection of materials to the screen display technology of LED pole screen, all kinds of external electronic equipment have been integrated with environmental protection, energy saving design and function integration, successfully realizing the coexistence of economic construction and ecological environmental protection.

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