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Solution of wedding LED display


Why use LED display instead of projection screen for wedding celebration?
LED screen stage design case
How to arrange the wedding LED display screen?
Wedding LED display solution
How much is the wedding LED display?

With the increasing popularity of marriage, many couples begin to pursue both novel and fashionable weddings. The wedding LED display can match the wedding style to create a wedding with different atmosphere. Today, Sostron is going to talk with you about how to make good use of LED screen in wedding banquet.

wedding LED display screen

Why use LED display instead of projection screen for wedding celebration?

In fact, before the emergence of Led, the projection screen was used to replace the playback function of led. The projection screen is the kind of white canvas screen that can be lifted and lowered when we use teachers to give lectures. After connecting the projector and computer with VGA cable, the computer’s image is projected on the screen. This kind of video effect depends entirely on the resolution of the projector, but no matter how high-definition the projector is, it is difficult to achieve clear colors and high-definition resolution. So in the past, guests would rather watch the TV hanging on the wall of the hotel than the projection screen. What’s more, if you stand in front of the projector, your face will have color, and the image of the rear projection screen will also be missing. The display effect is not ideal.

Later, the LED screen appeared, and the high-definition video resolution made the color of the picture brighter, the image clearer, and the lines of the scene more delicate. Not only that, because of its complete image display ability, the LED screen can also make various background pictures in addition to playing video, which is very powerful. Even if people stand in front of the LED screen, it will not cause the lack of images, and the display effect is very good. However, LED is expensive because it is rented per square meter, and the projection screen is basically the standard equipment of each hotel, which is free to use. LED screen is not widely accepted in the banquet. You can understand the difference between LED display and traditional projection.

wedding LED display screen

LED screen stage design case:

Because the LED screen is rented according to the square number, in other words, the larger the square number, the more expensive the price. In fact, the square number of led screens depends entirely on the stage design effect. The following four types of led screen wedding stage design, see how to make the best use of things!

First: embedded

As the name implies, the led screen is embedded in a frame of the stage background. There are still some stage backgrounds, either made of KT boards or cloth curtains, but no matter what kind of Beijing led screen is like a large led TV in the center of the stage, the proportion is not very large, just let people see the picture.

Advantages: High definition playback quality, small area and low price.

Disadvantages: Small area is not big enough.

The second type: combined type

The led screen is placed in the center and integrated with the background plates on both sides to form a stage background with integrated design. At present, this design scheme is accepted by more people who choose led screen.

Advantages: The large screen display makes the visual enjoyment better, and it appears more harmonious as a part of the stage background.

Disadvantages: If such an area of led screen wants to have a stage background of atmospheric integration, it can only be placed on both sides with KT board, and the gauze curtain looks small and difficult to integrate with the led screen.

Third type: single vertical type

This is a gorgeous led screen. The background of the whole stage is this led screen. There is no KT board or other stage design elements. All logos, images and pictures are displayed through this large led screen.

Advantages: the atmosphere is overbearing. The guests at the whole banquet are really 360-degree without dead angle. You can watch the content of the led screen.

Disadvantages: What else besides high price.

wedding LED display screen

The fourth type: split type

The background of the stage is still the whole, or the KT board design, or the gauze curtain design, but the led screen is set on the side of the background board, or both sides, or only one side, which is a bit like a projection screen. It is only set for temporarily playing wedding photos or videos, and is not integrated with the stage background.

Advantages: It can reduce the design requirements for the stage background, and the stage background can be completed with more flexible and simple materials.

Disadvantages: low cost performance, small area, but low efficiency, resulting in high price and low utilization rate.

How to arrange the wedding LED display screen?

1. There are two types of layout atmosphere of the wedding LED display screen, namely, outdoor layout and indoor layout. The cost is relatively expensive. The light at the wedding site is relatively dark and suitable for indoor layout, which can more highlight the visual effect of the LED display screen.

2. At present, weddings generally place LED display screens in the center of the stage, and then install inkjet boards on both sides. The inkjet boards can be decorated with a group photo of the new couple.

3. In addition, the newlyweds who hold outdoor weddings, such as garden weddings, can put LED screens on both sides of the stage, and arrange some flowers for decoration, which also presents a very good visual effect.

Wedding LED display solution

1. Site space issues

If the venue is very wide, it is suggested to consider using a larger led screen to clearly express the wedding scene, wedding photos and other video data, so that guests sitting in remote places can also feel the actual content of the wedding banquet without feeling that it is a waste. However, if there are more columns in the wedding venue, or the shape is not long but wide and flat, then the effect of using the LED screen is similar.

2. Stage background style

The small and fresh style of pulling gauze curtain is absolutely not suitable for the emergence of high-end tough guy like led screen.

3. How much content to play

If there are not many video materials prepared, and there are not too many wedding photos flash, wedding replay, micro-film, etc., the projection screen is also enough to support the stage.

4. Cost issues

LED screens are rented according to the area. It seems that the current market price is about 5000 for 10 square meters. Whether it is necessary to use LED screens depends on your budget.

5. Main table setting position

Some elders have to set the main table at the center of the stage because of the custom. If we use the led screen at this time, we can eat in the strong light, and it is estimated that our eyes can’t stand it after a meal.

How much is the wedding LED display?

Wedding LED display screen generally adopts P3 mainstream screen. The rental price is relatively expensive, but the picture is high-quality. It can also be combined with the layout to make beautiful scene layout. Generally, those who have requirements for the wedding will choose the LED rental screen of the wedding company. The price for a wedding is about 10000 dollars. For the specific price, you can call the LED display manufacturer – Astron. After years of industry experience, SoStron can design better screens and provide better solutions for customers and partners.

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