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5 minutes to understand the led light bar screen

At present, the outdoor market is mainly dominated by conventional screens. Problems such as outdoor building structure and environmental protection restrict the limitations of products. Under this condition, the rise of LED light strip screens plays an important role.

led strip screen

What is an led strip screen?

An LED bar screen is a screen composed of multiple LED bars that can produce high brightness, high contrast, and extremely saturated color light. On the screen can display a variety of images and videos, widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, commercial advertising, stage performance, exhibition and other fields. LED light bar screen has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, high brightness, bright color, easy to install and maintain. Free LED display installation guide.

At the same time, due to its flexibility, it can be customized according to the user’s needs in different shapes, sizes and resolutions. Usually used for outdoor landmark buildings and stage LED rental display, it belongs to the new generation of high-end LED display products, and has a high reputation in the world at present. In the landmark buildings of first-tier cities in China, LED light strip display also plays an important role.

led strip screen

Led light strip screen 6 functions

Display function: LED light bar screen can display a variety of images and videos, including text, pictures, animations, videos, etc.

Advertising function: widely used in the field of commercial advertising, can display commodity information, promotion information, etc., to attract customers’ attention.

Stage performance function: LED light strip screen also has a wide range of applications in stage performances, can be used to display the performance background, visual effects, etc., to create an atmosphere. Free to send you concert LED display application guide.

Exhibition display function: can be used in exhibition display exhibits information, company profile, etc.

Decorative function: Used for indoor and outdoor decoration, to create a good visual effect, improve the beauty of the space.

Information release function: can be used for information release in public places, including weather forecast, news, announcements, etc.

In short, the functions of the LED light bar screen are very rich, which can achieve a variety of different functional requirements according to different application scenarios.

led strip screen

Led light strip screen 7 features

High brightness: LED strip screen uses LED light source, with high brightness, high contrast and high saturation of color light.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The use of LED light source, compared with the traditional light source can greatly reduce energy consumption, has a good energy saving and environmental protection effect.

Long life: LED light source has a long life, which can reach more than tens of thousands of hours. Compared with traditional light source, it can reduce the maintenance cost.

Good display effect: has a good display effect, bright color, high definition, can meet the display needs of different occasions.

Customizable: The LED light bar screen can be customized according to the needs of users in different shapes, sizes and resolutions, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Easy installation and maintenance: Modular design, can be very convenient for assembly and installation, and maintenance is relatively simple.

Strong adaptability: The LED light strip screen can be used in indoor and outdoor, day and night, and can adapt to different application scenarios.

In short, LED light bar screen has high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, long life, good display effect, can be customized, easy to install and maintain, strong adaptability and other characteristics, gradually become a variety of occasions display the first choice.

LED light strip screen becomes the building outdoor landmark media

LED display can be designed and installed for remote viewing effect and building daylighting, especially outdoor large buildings, across the river landscape leisure street, the intersection of people are widely used. LED display full color display, bright color, high brightness, can achieve clear play in the daytime by advertisers love, LED light bar screen body made horizontal or vertical strip shape or grid shape, the size can be adjusted arbitrarily, installation and disassembly is very convenient.

LED screen as the representative of the super large outdoor electronic media into outdoor architecture has brought a new pattern and change for the city, the big screen constitute a new striking city landmark. To sum up, with the rapid development of new technologies, the rapid visualization and imaging of the city has had a far-reaching impact. As a product that changes people’s sensory vision, LED display is adding different imagination and soul to the city and architecture.

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