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Everything about LED soft modules


Characteristics of LED soft module

Application scenario of LED soft module

Installation and maintenance of LED soft module

The price of LED soft module

LED soft module is a kind of flexible lamp based on LED lamp bead, which is composed of flexible substrate, LED lamp bead and control chip.

Compared with traditional LED lamps, it has the following 6 characteristics:

Strong flexibility

LED soft module flexibility is strong, can bend, fold, cut, etc., adapt to a variety of special-shaped, curved surface design needs, but also easy to carry and install.

Good display effect

LED soft module can achieve high brightness, high definition, high contrast, real color and other display effects, to meet the needs of different scenes, such as indoor lighting, advertising display, stage performance and so on.

Low energy consumption

LED soft module has high energy efficiency, can effectively reduce energy consumption, has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving.

LED soft modules

Long life

Long service life of LED soft modules can generally reach more than 5-10 years, greatly reducing the cost of replacement and maintenance.

High security

LED soft module uses DC power supply, which is safe and reliable. At the same time, there are no problems such as radiation and stroboscope, which is harmless to human health.

Easy to control

LED soft module can achieve a variety of dynamic effects by controlling the chip, such as flicker, flow, gradient, etc., to meet different design requirements.

LED soft modules

Application scenario of LED soft module


Billboard is one of the main application scenarios of LED soft module. Most of the traditional billboards in the form of lettering or pasting, the shape of a single, difficult to attract consumers’ eyes. LED soft module can display advertising content in the form of more vivid words, patterns, animations, etc., to attract people’s attention and improve the effect of advertising. The flexible characteristics of LED soft module also make it can be flexibly cut and combined according to the shape and size of the billboard, increasing the plasticity and creativity of the billboard.

Architectural appearance

LED soft modules can be used for decoration and lighting on the exterior of a building. By pasting soft LED modules onto architectural surfaces, a variety of strange shapes and colors can be created to create unique visual effects. At the same time, the high brightness and high gray characteristics of the LED soft module can also achieve a brighter and clearer lighting effect, improving the ornamental and security of the building.

Stage background

In performances, concerts, parties and other events, LED soft modules are often used as stage background decoration and lighting effects. Due to the flexible characteristics of the LED soft module, it can be flexibly cut and combined according to the size and shape of the stage to achieve a variety of different visual effects. At the same time, the high resolution and high gray characteristics of LED soft module can also present a clearer, smooth and delicate dynamic effect, improving the performance quality and enjoyment. Free to send you concert LED display application guide.

Automobile headlight

LED soft modules can be applied to the decoration and lighting of automotive headlights. Compared with traditional headlights, LED soft modules have the advantages of higher brightness, lower energy consumption, longer life, richer color and effect. At the same time, due to the flexible characteristics of the LED soft module, it can be flexibly combined and decorated according to different models and designs, increasing the beauty and uniqueness of the vehicle.

LED soft module

Installation and maintenance of LED soft module


Tools: soft modules, control cards, power supplies, cables, supports, screws, etc.

Determine the installation location, determine the size and number of soft modules;

Install the bracket, fix the soft module on the bracket, connect the power supply and cable;

Connect the control card and set the parameters of LED soft module;

Test the display effect of the soft module and adjust the parameters to ensure the normal display effect.


Clean the surface of the screen regularly, using a clean soft cloth or special detergent to wipe, avoid using hard objects or chemicals, so as not to damage the surface of the screen;

Check the power supply and cable connection regularly to ensure that the connection is firm and normal;

Check the working status of the LED module regularly, and replace it in time if there is a fault;

The gray level of the soft module is corrected regularly to ensure the stable display effect.

Back up and update your software and data regularly in case you need it.

The price of LED soft module

The price of LED soft modules varies depending on their size, pixel density, brightness, control system and other factors. Generally speaking, the higher the pixel density, the higher the brightness, the more advanced the control system and the better the bendability of LED soft modules, the higher the price.

At present, the common LED soft modules on the market have pixel densities of P2.5, P3, P4, P5, etc., and their prices range from $500 / m2 to $1000 / m2. If you need a higher pixel density and brightness, such as P1.875, P1.667, the price will be higher, possibly more than $2000 / m2. In addition, if you need to customize the size and shape of the soft modules, the price will be higher.

Control systems are also important factors affecting prices. In general, more advanced control systems cost more but offer more features and greater reliability. For example, a control system that can control LED soft modules from the cloud will be more expensive because it enables remote monitoring and control, improving efficiency and safety.

In short, the price of LED soft modules needs to be determined by several factors, and the price will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and brand. Therefore, when choosing LED soft module, it is necessary to consider its own demand, quality and price, and make a balance and choice.

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