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5 minutes to understand the medical LED display

During the epidemic, with the urgent need for indoor control and remote office, the small-space display screen has performed well in the fields of indoor control and enterprise office. As a niche segment of the display market, medical display has not received the attention of the industry in the past period of time. This aggressive epidemic also made many display screen manufacturers see the importance and possibility of the display screen in the medical field. Smart medicine aims to achieve accurate and real-time perception of medical information through modern technology, and make intelligent decisions, so as to improve the informatization level of medical services, provide first-class medical services for the people, and lay a solid foundation for building a harmonious social environment.

medical LED display

Where is the medical LED display used?

Remote consultation in medical center

As one of the important development technologies of smart medicine, remote consultation completes the diagnosis and analysis of illness through online reception, which not only improves the efficiency of assistance between doctors and nurses everywhere, but also effectively alleviates the difficulties in seeing doctors and the tension between doctors and patients caused by the imbalance of medical resources. The small spacing LED display screen is applied in the remote consultation center of the hospital, and meets the terminal display requirements of telemedicine services with the advantages of high-definition image quality and seamless splicing.

Information publicity in outpatient hall

The information publicized in the outpatient hall of traditional Chinese medicine hospital is very important. First, all kinds of process information: display the hospital procedure flow chart and the location distribution map of each department of the hospital for the convenience of patients to view; Second, charging standards: for example, the name and price of drugs should be open and transparent; Third, public welfare publicity, popularization of medical and health care knowledge, publicity of relevant laws and regulations, etc., to create a good atmosphere.

The high brightness, high refresh led display screen, the screen content can be updated at any time, and the display effect is high definition and stable. These advantages perfectly meet the display needs of the outpatient hall. They are convenient to view, easy to operate, and easy to maintain, so that patients will not be confused about medical treatment, so that the hospital can improve the efficiency of work, and the medical staff can reduce the pressure of inquiry.

medical LED display

Emotional comfort in the waiting area

When patients gather in the hospital, their emotions will become anxious and tense during the waiting time for treatment, which is often easy to cause conflicts due to emotional collapse. At this time, there is a great need for an LED display screen that can not only adjust the mood of patients, relieve their emotions, but also quickly pass the waiting time.

The high-definition and gorgeous LED screen plays videos of medical popular science knowledge, which can vividly explain the principle of disease to patients and their families, correctly understand the disease, and thus have a good treatment; Play public welfare videos or hospital image videos to create a harmonious and positive atmosphere and deepen patients’ understanding of the hospital; At the same time, it can also play light and melodious music, or medical teleplays and movies.

Display area at the front of the hospital

As an important external image display area of the hospital, the front door is a very important publicity and beautification business card. Through the LED high-definition display screen, it can not only play various forms of propaganda video clips of the hospital, but also play notices, slogans, etc., freely switch various publicity methods, enrich and diversify, become a beautiful window for the hospital image display, and enhance the hospital’s information image and publicity.

medical LED display5 minutes to understand the medical LED display

Conference room/lecture hall

The hospital’s conference communication and academic discussion are very frequent in daily management, because the success of the patient’s treatment plan and the latest scientific research technology requires an exchange platform. Large LED display screen, seamless splicing, smooth as mirror, high definition and smooth picture quality, high gray display, vivid and delicate, without missing a single detail, is widely used in hospital conference rooms and academic lecture halls, to help carry out hospital daily management, medical academic exchanges, disease research programs, etc.

Command centre

In the face of some emergency rescue, the traditional 120 telephone guidance method is not accurate and efficient. At the same time, with the demand of epidemic prevention and control, more scientific decision-making and command windows are becoming more and more important. LED screen command center is undoubtedly in an important position. It not only clearly displays all kinds of charts, data, materials and documents, provides massive information and accurate data for scientific decision-making, but also accurately displays the rescue location, distance and monitoring, which is conducive to resource scheduling and overall arrangement.

It is worth mentioning that in the field of medical display, whether it is used for medical public display, remote diagnosis and treatment or emergency rescue visualization, it is inseparable from ultra-high definition image quality, display software and hardware supporting equipment and fast transmission speed, and it is more preferred to complete with small spacing or even micro spacing LED display. Therefore, small spacing LED display and Mini LED/Micro LED have more room to play in the field of medical display and are highly expected.

In the future, with the continuous progress of LED display-related technologies and the support of artificial intelligence and other technologies, LED display will be integrated with a series of advanced technologies such as cloud computing. LED display will also participate in more simulated surgery, and simulation data will also provide more reference and reference for real surgery.

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