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5 minutes to understand LED time tunnel display

What is LED time tunnel screen?
What are the characteristics and functions of led time tunnel screen?
Where do i use the led time tunnel screen?
Led time tunnel screen solution

What is LED time tunnel screen?

The time tunnel LED display screen is similar to the shape of the tunnel. The ground and the front of the tunnel are all covered with LED display screens. When lit, it gives people an immersive dreamlike experience. The time tunnel LED display screen is composed of three LED display screens seamlessly. The wall is composed of high-definition series of small-spaced LED display screens. The ground is equipped with interactive equipment LED floor screens. Combining the application materials of any conceivable scene such as the underwater world, the night sky, the universe, the forest, the game, etc., when people stand in the center of the time tunnel LED display screen, they can experience the illusion of being there.

In terms of vision, we have created a variety of immersive visual experiences, such as rich picture experience like “undersea world”, which are displayed and deduced in the way of time tunnel; There are also visual special effects such as the instantaneous change of seasons, the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers in spring, the shade of green trees in summer, the eyeful of yellow leaves in autumn, and the white clothing in winter; Considering that the viewing distance of visitors is relatively close, we use high-density LED modules to achieve a dynamic and static combination of the overall effect and eliminate the monotony of any media playing process. Take you to understand five common creative LED screens.

LED time tunnel screen

Characteristics and functions of building led time tunnel screen in scenic spots

1. Immersive visual experience

It is installed in the way of full axial distribution, which makes the whole sky curtain appear unified and coordinated. The delicate display screen, combined with carefully created multimedia video, is slowly expanded from one side to the other from the shallow to the deep, and then the dynamic expression of the development process is carried out through the whole range of interlacing, moving, and changing color background with artistic techniques, which makes people immerse in words.

2. New amusement projects

A new project can be added to both tourist attractions and entertainment places, so that people can not play so simply.

3. Increase popularity

Whether you are popular or not, the benefit of developing this project is to bring a lot of traffic, attract old customers to come again, and give new customers a choice to play.

LED time tunnel screen

Application field of led time tunnel screen

LED light tunnel display can create a 5D space and immerse people in it. It is mostly used in large places with heavy traffic, such as tourist attractions, shopping malls and parks.

Custom Display Solution

According to different user needs, we customize the box modules that meet different appearance designs, and carefully design the time-travel visual effects that meet various application scenarios. At present, we present more than 80 kinds of materials, which meet many scenes such as shopping malls, scenic spots, parks, entertainment, catering, hotels, etc. No additional customized materials are needed to reduce customer costs.

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