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Africa’s small pitch LED display has huge market space in the future

At present, the indoor splicing large screen market is divided into three parts: small pitch LED splicing screen, DLP rear projection splicing screen, and LCD splicing screen. Among them, the small pitch LED splicing screen in South Africa is more vigorous, and its non splicing, brightness, high gray scale, contrast, and ultra long service life are unmatched by other splicing screens, and have also been recognized by the market. Don’t you know the advantages of small pitch LED display?

With the continuous technological progress of LED display manufacturers, the continuous improvement of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and the introduction of the policy of “4k first and 8k at the same time” in various regions, LED electronic large screens are developing towards high-definition. At present, the dot spacing of LED display screen is shrinking, and it has entered the era of P0. X micro spacing. In addition, the smart city and the first year of 5G commercial launch, the future market space of small spacing LED display screen is huge.

The African small pitch LED display screen is characterized by small point spacing and high resolution per unit area. It can display higher definition graphics images and videos, as well as multiple images and more routes of videos. It can achieve seamless splicing and arbitrary large area splicing. At present, small pitch LED displays have been widely used in public transport, security, monitoring, dispatching command center, advertising media and other display fields.

With the standardized and quantitative production of small pitch LED displays by African LED display manufacturers, the cost continues to decline and the market demand continues to rise. In recent years, small pitch LED has rapidly penetrated the display market, and continuously occupied the market position of DLP projection and LED LCD splicing screen, forming a tripartite confrontation. By 2018, the overall penetration rate of small pitch indoor LED electronic large screen will be close to 25%, the market scale will reach 7.5 billion yuan, and the compound growth rate will be 69.9%. It is expected that the domestic market scale will maintain a growth rate of about 40% in the next few years. This is mainly because of the decline in upstream costs, the continuous maturity of technology, the continuous increase in the penetration and popularity of small spacing in the traditional LED electronic large screen market, the expansion of emerging application scenarios, and the mining of more customers in more subdivided industries.

In the early days, due to the low threshold of the LED screen industry in Africa, a large number of people with different technologies were poured in, and the industry culture road was also getting lower and lower. As the end users gradually return to rationality, instead of taking price as the main reference factor, they pay more attention to product technology, performance and enterprise brand strength, as well as large and small enterprises begin to take everything, so a large number of enterprises that do not conform to the development of the industry are quickly eliminated. In addition, the development of small pitch LED display technology has made the industry competitive pattern more stable and the industry concentration more and more high.

LED display
LED display

The technical difficulties of small pitch LED display in Africa: constrained by packaging devices and technology. The smaller the small spacing is, the smaller it is. There are some challenges in its process, such as the production process at ultra-high temperature. The small spacing itself is very small, and the distance between materials is extremely short. As long as there is a little error, many intermittent defects will occur.

With the smaller spacing, the disadvantages of traditional SMD packaging become more and more. Therefore, LED display manufacturers have developed a four in one Mini LED packaging technology, which can package products with smaller point spacing, and this technology will not be replaced immediately in the next 3-5 years. At present, the main application field of small spacing is to replace the market position of LCD LCD splicing screen and DLP projection screen. Because Mini LED itself has LCD display backlight application and self luminous LED display application, if the price of Mini LEDD small spacing can be reduced, it is not a dream to replace LCD screen in the future.

In addition, smart city, safe city, 5G commercial landing, 4k first, and 8k at the same time can improve the market demand for small pitch LED displays to a certain extent. In this year’s exhibition, some LED display manufacturers developed 8k ultra-high definition LED display, laying a certain foundation for the high-definition display industry. At present, small spacing has been widely used in commercial, stage, security, monitoring, public transport, high-end conference rooms and other display fields. In the future, with the price declining, it will enter the civil market.

To sum up, Africa’s small pitch LED display will have a huge market space in the future. All major LED display manufacturers should constantly improve their products, focus on innovation and technology, and constantly reduce product prices while mass production, replacing the market position of LCD splicing screens and DLP. The development of LED display has been relatively mature, and the application field has also been very extensive. At present, the LED small pitch display screen market is still in the future, and small pitch LED display screen is still the core of major enterprises. Display screen enterprises need to consider and guard against the impact of the epidemic, seize the opportunity, continue to maintain R&D innovation, avoid risks, not blindly expand production, and keep abreast of new market trends.

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