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Outdoor solar led advertising dustbin

Trash bins are widely used. We can see them both indoors and in public places, some in shopping malls, some in residential areas, and many on street corners. It is because they are of great use that they will be used by human beings. Its existence is mainly to protect our living environment, and its importance is self-evident.

Advertising dustbin can not only be used as an ordinary dustbin, but also bring great help to the advertising industry. It allows advertisers to have more publicity channels, breaks the traditional pattern of leaflets being thrown away, and enables people to read normally while throwing garbage or smoking. No matter what kind of advertisements, they can be put in normally as long as the layout is reasonable. As a carrier closely related to people’s life, advertising on the trash can will effectively attract consumers’ attention and produce very good advertising effects. It has far-reaching significance for establishing a good image of the company, improving the company’s popularity, and improving advertising investment attraction.

Advertising dustbin light box has low input cost and good direct audience effect. Compared with other forms of advertising, the cost of trash can advertising is quite low, and it directly faces the advertising audience and sticks to consumers, forming a high coverage network scale advertising effect. Compared with TV and newspaper advertising, it has incomparable advantages.

Outdoor solar led advertising dustbin

What are the advantages of led advertising dustbin?

The appearance design of ordinary dustbins does not have any highlights. It can be seen at a glance that it is a dustbin. If it is used in the city, it will not be of a high grade and can not be effectively noticed by everyone. Moreover, it has no role in advertising, while the dustbin advertising light box is just the opposite.

The dustbin advertising light box skillfully combines the commercial advertising with the dustbin, which not only has the function of advertising, but also has a good garbage classification collection effect.

LED advertising dustbin is very energy-saving and environment-friendly. The LED cold light source it uses not only has significant energy-saving effect, but also has low energy consumption, no radiation, safety and reliability, and long service life.

The advertising light box of the advertising dustbin is equipped with LED tubes, which can make the advertising picture more bright and bright, and keep lighting at night, providing lighting services for citizens who walk the night road or litter.

Low input cost, good direct audience effect. Compared with other forms of advertising, the cost of dustbin advertising is quite low, and it is directly oriented to the advertising audience and pasted into consumers, forming a high coverage network scale advertising effect. Compared with TV and newspaper advertising, it has incomparable advantages.

Composition of trash can billboard light box

The solar advertising trash can is composed of three main components: solar panel (monocrystalline silicon panel), battery and light source of the light box.

Solar panels

The lighting time of the solar panel can be freely selected according to the controller. Generally speaking, the lighting time is 6 to 8 hours in sunny days, and the red “marine trash can” advertising lamp lasts for 3 to 5 days in rainy days. It can be opened and closed automatically at night and in the daytime.

Solar controller

The solar controller manufactured in China can select a special solar controller, which can flexibly set the opening and closing time according to the season, so as to effectively protect the battery from over-current or short circuit.


The solar trash can battery is an independent power generation system, red. Offshore battery gel uses special solar gel, which does not require maintenance.

Light box light

The light in the garbage advertising light box is a special solar led lighting tube with high brightness, high energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Human life needs to be constantly improved, and other supporting facilities need to be constantly updated. The new products will eventually replace the old ones and will only get better and better. However, when a new product is introduced, the market will need some time to understand its performance. With the development of electronic products, more and more hyperblog light boxes and voice advertising light boxes have been tried in public places, which has added a lot of color to people’s public environment and provided advertising positions for businesses. The dustbin advertising light box not only does not occupy additional public area, but also can play a propaganda role.

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