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Application guide of LED display screen in shopping malls


Three features of LED screen in shopping malls!
How to choose led display screen in shopping malls?
Mall led display solution!
What are the main types of LED displays in shopping malls?

As the main place for urban citizens to live and entertainment, shopping malls have an important living and economic status in large and medium-sized cities. Because there is too much traffic, this is the factor that many businesses are willing to advertise in the mall. With the progress of social science and technology, at the same time, people’s requirements for viewing have also increased. The expression effect of traditional single advertisement can not meet the needs of the audience. LED display can provide you with a unique communication effect and attract more audience targets. With the help of LED display technology, you can update your business strategy at any time just by linking to the Internet.

Generally speaking, the weight of LED display screen in traditional shopping centers is more than 30kg/㎡, which requires the original building structure to have high load-bearing capacity. It needs large steel frame structure during construction, which is time-consuming and laborious. And if it is not lit after installation, it is a black piece, which will affect the overall appearance of the shopping center building, block the sight and affect the light.

Three features of LED screen in shopping malls!

1. For indoor use, the protection grade is generally IP30, and the requirements for water and dust prevention are not high. Of course, high protection grade can be customized for special places;

2. Consistent with the image of the mall center, remote control and operation can be realized;

3. Long viewing distance, model P4 or above, large screen area.

How to choose led display screen in shopping malls?

1. Single-color and dual-color LED display.

Advantages: low cost, scrolling display in subtitle form.

Disadvantages: It can only be played in the form of single-color or two-color subtitles, and cannot play promotional videos and other files, and the display is single.

2. Full-color LED display

Advantages: Through full-color animation mode, the company’s various promotional videos are presented in a three-dimensional and comprehensive manner, which helps to show the company’s advantages to customers and businesses; It can be used for later commercial broadcast.

Disadvantages: slightly high cost.

LED transparent screen

Mall led display solution!

Select the LED display screen that can be customized for diversified modeling design; Ultra-thin display screen maintained before use; Select products with small LED module size or box size, ultra-light and thin type, point spacing: 6mm SMD technology indoor dedicated LED display.

What are the main types of LED displays in shopping malls?

1. Outdoor LED display

Outdoor LED display is usually installed on the exterior wall of the shopping center. The specific selection specification needs to be determined in combination with the actual project, scale, budget, etc. The advantage of this screen is that it can cover more audiences. People walking around the shopping center can clearly see the advertising content of the video, which is conducive to promoting the brand.

2. Indoor LED floor tile screen

There are many ways to interact with the led floor tile screen, including radar sensing, infrared sensing, gravity sensing The interaction mode is different, and the interaction effect of led display screen is also slightly better. Now the main interactive mode is infrared and gravity, because the user experience of these two interactive modes is better. Unlike radar sensing, if the signal is blocked, the interaction effect will disappear. Because the LED interactive tile screen focuses on user experience, it is generally used in occasions where interaction is needed, so the tile screen is very suitable for use in shopping malls.

Mall led display

3. LED cylindrical screen

LED column screen is also a common LED screen in shopping malls. Flexible LED display is often used to make LED column display. The flexible LED display has the characteristics of good flexibility, arbitrary bending, and various installation methods, which can meet the requirements of personalized design, low power consumption, and power saving. When consumers take a walk or sit down in the shopping center, the FMCG ads on the display screen may arouse consumers’ direct interest, resulting in the demand for instant consumption in the shopping center.

4. LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen is rare in shopping malls due to its high cost. However, LED transparent screens are often installed on the glass walls of jewelry stores on the first floor of many shopping malls. The LED display screen has a permeability of 60%~95%, can seamlessly splice the floor glass curtain wall and window lighting structure, transparent and transparent, restore the lighting and vision of the glass curtain wall, do not occupy space, and beautify the decoration. Six common transparent LED display screens, LED transparent screens can also be seen outside the commercial center buildings in many cities.

Because LED display screens in shopping malls generally need to be customized, users should be reminded to determine their actual needs and reasonably select the type of LED display screens. If you don’t know much about LED display products, you can submit the demand information to the sales staff of Sostron online. We will wholeheartedly recommend the design scheme for you and provide the products with the highest cost performance!

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