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Brazil P5 outdoor LED billboard

Project Overview:

This project is a P5 outdoor LED billboard installed near a major road in Brazil. It aims to display advertising content to passing vehicles and pedestrians and improve brand exposure and publicity effects. (Providing you with outdoor LED display solutions.)

LED billboard parameters:

Pixel pitch: P5 (unit: mm)
Screen size: customized according to the requirements of the specific installation location
Resolution: Provides higher-definition picture performance, making advertising content more vivid and vivid
Brightness: Use high-brightness LED lamp beads to ensure high visibility in outdoor environments
Waterproof and dustproof level: IP65 level, which can withstand the influence of outdoor harsh weather and ensure the stable operation of the screen. (Here are the LED display specifications.)

Project Features:

Bright and vivid advertising display: P5 pixel pitch LED billboards can provide higher resolution and brightness, making the advertising content present a vivid and vivid effect in outdoor environments, attracting the attention of passing pedestrians and vehicles.

Good visibility and visual effects: The billboard uses high-brightness LED lamp beads, which has good visibility and visual effects, and can clearly display advertising content even under direct sunlight.

Durability and stability: LED billboards have a high level of waterproof and dustproof, which can withstand the effects of harsh outdoor weather, ensuring long-term stable operation of the screen and extending its service life.

Remote monitoring and management: The billboard is equipped with a remote monitoring system, which facilitates administrators to monitor the screen in real time, update and adjust the content, and improves management efficiency and convenience.

Project effect:

The installation of this P5 outdoor LED billboard has brought a beautiful scenery to the main roads or squares in Brazil, and has become an important platform for brand promotion and advertising. The advertising content is vivid and vivid, attracting the attention of passing pedestrians and vehicles, improving brand exposure and publicity effect, and bringing good market response and marketing effect to advertisers.


The Brazilian P5 outdoor LED billboard project provides an effective platform and tool for brand promotion and advertising with its distinctive and vivid advertising display, good visibility and visual effects, durability and stability, and remote monitoring and management. , bringing good market exposure and marketing effects to advertisers.

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