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Nanjing P1.53 indoor LED screen

Project Overview:

This project is a P1.53 indoor LED screen installed in a shopping mall in Nanjing. The LED screen is installed in one of the main aisles of the mall to ensure maximum exposure and visual effects. (What is the difference between indoor LED display and outdoor LED display?)

LED screen parameters:

Pixel pitch: P1.53 (unit: mm)
Screen size: customized according to the requirements of the specific installation location
Resolution: High-density pixel layout provides high-definition and detailed picture performance
Brightness: Adjust according to ambient brightness and visual needs to ensure the picture is clearly visible
Gray scale: 256 levels of gray to achieve rich color performance

Project Features:

High-definition picture: The P1.53 pixel pitch LED screen provides excellent high-definition and detailed display, making the display content more vivid and lifelike, attracting the audience’s attention.

Visually shocking effect: The LED screen adopts the latest display technology, with high brightness and high contrast, ensuring a strong visual shocking effect in various environments.

Flexibility and versatility: LED screens support a variety of input signal sources and can play a variety of content such as pictures, videos, and text to meet various needs such as shopping mall promotion, advertising release, and information display.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The LED screen uses LED as the light source, which has the characteristics of low energy consumption and long life. It saves energy and reduces environmental pollution.

Remote control and management: The LED screen is equipped with a remote control system, which facilitates administrators to monitor the screen in real time, update and adjust content, and improves management efficiency.

Project effect:

The installation of the P1.53 indoor LED screen created a stylish and modern atmosphere for the mall, attracting the attention of many customers. The mall can release the latest promotions, product information, brand promotion and other content through the screen, which improves the mall’s image and marketing effect. At the same time, the LED screen also provides a multi-functional publicity platform for the mall, meeting the publicity needs of different tenants and brands in the mall. (Providing you with shopping mall LED display application guide.)


The Nanjing P1.53 indoor LED screen project, with its high definition, stunning visual effects, versatility, energy saving and environmental protection, creates a modern atmosphere for the mall, enhances the image and marketing effect of the mall, and promotes the brand in the mall. and information dissemination provide convenience and efficiency.

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