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Common sense of LED display


The birth of LED display
LED display technology
Types of LED display
The composition of LED display
Commercial value of LED display
LED display price this year

The birth of LED display

The birth of LED displays can be traced back to 1962 by Nick Holonyak Jr, an engineer at Texas Instruments. Invented the first LED light-emitting diode. Since LED has the advantages of energy saving, high brightness and long life, it has been widely used in various display screens, lighting and other fields.

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LED display technology

LED display technology is a new type of electronic display technology. It uses the Emitting characteristics of LED (Light Emitting Diode) beads to display various information such as text, pictures, videos by controlling the brightness and color changes. Compared with the traditional display technology, LED display has the advantages of higher brightness, higher contrast, wider viewing Angle and lower energy consumption, so it is widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising, exhibition, sports venues, theaters, shopping malls and other occasions.

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Types of LED display

LED displays can be divided into the following categories based on application scenarios, installation methods, operating environment and other factors:

1. Indoor LED display: mainly used in shopping malls, conference rooms, cinemas, exhibition halls and other indoor places, with high resolution, color restoration degree and brightness.

2. Outdoor LED display: mainly used in square, sports venues, large shopping malls, building walls and other outdoor places, with wind resistance, waterproof, dustproof and other characteristics, and can adapt to a variety of climate environment.

3. Vehicle LED display: mainly installed on buses, taxis, ships and other transportation vehicles, can play advertising, real-time road conditions, safety tips and other information.

4. Electronic billboards: mainly used in roadside, commercial squares, airports and other places, can play a variety of forms of advertising information.

5. Full color LED display: also known as true color screen, can achieve high-definition video playback and a variety of colors, widely used in concert, outdoor billboards and other places.

6. Monochrome LED display: can only display a single color, generally used for indoor occasions or electronic display screen subtitles and other parts.

The main features of LED display technology include the following five aspects:

High brightness. LED display using LED beads can emit higher brightness light, so the display effect is sharper, even in strong sunlight can maintain a clear display effect.

High contrast. LED display using LED beads can achieve higher contrast, so that the display effect is fuller, the image is more lifelike.

Wide view. LED display has a wider range of viewing angles, that is, the audience can watch the screen from different angles, still can maintain a clear display effect, which also makes LED display has been widely used in live broadcast, concert, competition and other large events.

Low energy consumption. Compared with the traditional display technology, the energy consumption of LED display is lower, because the power consumption of LED lamp beads is lower than that of traditional light bulbs and other light sources, at the same time, LED display also uses a series of energy-saving technology, such as automatic adjustment of brightness, flexible control of power supply, so that it is more energy saving and environmental protection in the use of the process.

Long life. LED beads have a long service life, which can reach tens of thousands of hours or more, so LED display has a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

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The composition of LED display

LED display is a kind of electronic display equipment, usually composed of LED beads, controller, drive circuit and shell and other components.

LED beads are the most basic component of LED display. LED lamp bead is a kind of semiconductor photoelectric device, which is composed of light-emitting chip, packaging material, gold wire and bracket. In the LED display screen, LED beads are responsible for sending out light signals, usually divided into red, green, blue three colors, by controlling the brightness and color changes, to realize the display of text, pictures, videos and other information.

The controller is an important component in the LED display, which is responsible for receiving and analyzing the external signal and transmitting the information to the driving circuit. The controller usually includes a central processing unit, memory, input/output interface and communication interface. Through the controller, the LED display can realize the processing, decoding, distribution and output of the input signal to achieve a variety of complex display effects.

The driving circuit is another important part of the LED display, responsible for controlling the brightness and color changes of LED beads. The driver circuit is usually composed of multiple circuit boards, including power supply, signal conversion, timing control, color management and other functions, which can realize the drive and control of LED lamp beads.

The case is the protective housing of the LED display, usually made of metal or plastic material, which protects the display from the external environment. The design of the case also affects the overall aesthetics and reliability of the LED display.

In short, LED display is composed of LED beads, controller, drive circuit and shell and other components, each part plays an important role, together constitute a high quality LED display.

Stage LED display

Commercial value of LED display

Advertising: LED display can play various forms of advertising information, such as dynamic images, videos, text, audio, etc., which can attract consumers’ attention and improve brand awareness and sales.

Commercial display: shopping malls, exhibitions, museums and other places can use LED display for product display, cultural display and other activities to improve the display effect and audience experience.

Stage performance: LED display can be used as the stage background to play the required images, videos and other content, increase the visual impact and improve the performance effect.

Information release: The government, schools, hospitals and other places can use the LED display to release a variety of public information, such as weather forecast, traffic information, announcements, etc., to improve the efficiency and convenience of information release.

Entertainment activities: Cinemas, KTV and other places can use LED screens to play movies, music videos and other content to improve the entertainment experience.

LED display price this year

Due to the type of LED display, specifications, brands, production technology and other factors have a large impact, so different types of LED display prices also have a large difference. Generally speaking, the price of full-color LED displays, outdoor LED displays and car LED displays is higher, while the price of indoor LED displays is relatively lower.

According to market research and industry analysis, the price of LED display in the current LED display market is between 1,000 and 10,000 dollars per square meter.

It should be noted that the price of LED display will be affected by market supply and demand, brand influence, production technology and other factors, and the price may change at any time. Therefore, if you want to buy LED display, it is recommended that you choose the more cost-effective products through various comparison and consultation with LED display manufacturers.

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