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Why do enterprises need LED display? It has 11 advantages!

Qatar is an Arab country in southwest Asia, located on the Qatar peninsula on the southwest coast of the Persian Gulf. Qatar has hosted the 2006 Doha Asian Games and the 2011 Asian Cup, and won the right to host the 22nd World Cup in 2022.

The LED display screen of sostron is a necessary supporting artifact for modern stadiums and gymnasiums. It shoulders important functions such as competition situation display, score display, sponsorship display and so on. As a supplier of display solutions for the 2022 Qatar world cup, sostron appeared in the 2022 Qatar world cup with consistent international first-class standards, creating a perfect presentation effect of top sports events for it, and establishing a communication bridge with fans for major international brands.

LED display can help enterprises feel their existence in the highly competitive business environment. Led billboards attract attention with eye-catching fonts, text, animation and full dynamic video. Led billboards in public places can be presented to more people than Internet videos. These low maintenance screens are the perfect solution for product marketing. Therefore, if you want a marketing method that is cheaper than TV advertising but can attract more people, then led billboards are the answer.

90% of the information processed by our brain is visual information. More than 60% of people learn more about products through LED billboards.

Research shows that 40% of customers believe that indoor LED displays will affect their purchase decisions. LED display can attract consumers to increase consumption. Up to 80% of customers admit that they decided to enter the store precisely because the LED billboard outside the store attracted their attention.

What’s more surprising is that people can even remember what they saw on the LED billboard a month ago. Research shows that the memory rate of LED billboards is 83%.

P2.5 LED display
indoor LED billboards

Outdoor and indoor LED billboards

Outdoor LED billboards are not only eye-catching, but also cost-effective. In contrast, traditional banners cost a lot, and the paint used for traditional banners takes three days to completely dry, and the handmade cost of large traditional banners is very high.

Outdoor display plays a vital role in brand promotion. The location of outdoor LED billboards is very important to ensure that they reach the target audience. Appropriately sized led billboards also play a crucial role in influencing customers. In addition, the size of text and products and the location of products are also important.

Outdoor LED billboards can work in bad weather conditions. Waterproof screen can keep good effect in rainy days and thunderstorms. Led billboards can be updated easily and quickly anytime, anywhere, and even scheduled in advance.

Indoor LED billboards are usually used in shopping malls, shops, restaurants, hotels and hospitals. The replacement parts of indoor signs are easy to obtain and have higher operational value. The highly customizable screen enables enterprises to change content multiple times as needed.

LED billboards
outdoor LED billboards

Therefore, let’s sort out why led billboards are very important to enterprises:

Attract attention

Led billboards can attract more people to watch than traditional banners, and even long-distance audiences will be attracted. These monitors help create brand awareness and create a positive image of the brand.

Provide competitive advantage

It is very important to keep in public view, otherwise it will be easily forgotten. In the field of marketing, enterprises need to stay in the public eye continuously, and led billboards help to easily achieve this goal.

Rich choices

As an enterprise, you can choose the most suitable settings. Settings can be simple, basic or complex and diverse. Enterprises can choose multiple screens to display the same or different content, which provides enterprises with rich choices.

Economical and effective

With the help of digital display, information has attracted a large number of viewers at an affordable price. Advertisements on digital display screens are 80% cheaper than TV advertisements, but they are very effective in promoting business development in a short time. Even small enterprises can use LED billboards for brand promotion.

Low maintenance

Led billboards do not require expensive maintenance. They can withstand bad weather conditions. Led billboards do not need regular maintenance like traditional banners.


Interactive led billboards allow customers to access information according to their preferences. Consumers can get the information they need in real time.

environment protection

Led billboards are environmentally friendly, they consume less power, and the use of digital screens can also reduce the waste of paper. For example, restaurants change menus according to seasons, and waste a lot of paper on menus every year. The use of digital screens can easily solve this problem.

Automatic brightness control

With the automatic brightness control function of LED billboards, users do not need to manually adjust the brightness. With the automatic brightness control function, you can see the screen clearly even at night. On overcast days, there is no need to worry about the impact of brightness on viewing, because it will automatically adjust.

Different perspectives

Using the different perspectives of LED billboards, viewers can read it from any angle. Due to the different perspectives of LED billboards, drivers and pedestrians can view messages on LED billboards without any problems.

Multicolor animation, graphics, and text

In order to make the sign attractive, please add different fonts, colored text, graphics and animation. LED display can be used to provide real-time information and share market statistics and news.

Videos and clips

Short videos and clips can not only make LED billboards stand out, but also help enterprises create their own space in the market.

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