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Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Heaven – Giovanni Lanfranco

There are many ceiling paintings captivated audience’s attention in the church.

Artists created a new space, with skillful manipulation of light, colors gradient and perspective structure, provide immersive viewing experience.

3D LED screen

Galleria Spada – Francesco Borromini

This gallery was built in 1653, typical architecture in baroque period.

First impression, the gallery must be long and deep.

Look at the ceiling paintings on the dome, artists just painted with pigment, why loooks “3D dome effect”

Recently, SM Town in Seoul, Chengdu ad Guangzhou installed a big “3D LED screen” and has rapidly emerged as a permier digital tourist attraction.

3D LED screen

Autostereoscopic 3D led display is a technology that does not need extra 3D glasses or any other tools to make vivid led 3D performance, people can enjoy the immersive experience of spatial dimension with less visual fatigue.

Video processing: After the information flow analog signal of the 3D film video source output from the host computer, a digital DVI signal is generated. The digital signal passes through the video decoding system to output signals for left and right eye. The signals are processed by the video display module and the loaded onto the LED screen. Through the principle of binocular parallax, the viewer can see the 3D effect.

3D LED screen

The best location + 3D video source + accordingly LED display = immersive visual experience. It has a broad prospect about specific immersive applications, such as VR,AR and large-scale enevts.

What SoStron Offers?

. SoStron – smart LED screen management and LED display manufacture, offers a whole solution from the production to installation

. Professional team to creat 3D video source.

Below is SoStron 3D LED signage.

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