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First naked eye 3D led display project in Cairo

In recent years, naked eye 3D LED displays have appeared frequently, attracting people’s attention with shocking and realistic picture effects. In fact, the naked eye 3D LED display technology has been launched as early as 2012, but there are not many practical application cases. The lack of relevant technologies and the lack of resources and application layout are the biggest problems hindering the popularization of this technology.

With the more and more extensive application of LED display screen, people’s demand for creative display is higher and higher. The two-dimensional planar display can no longer meet the growing demand. People hope to truly restore the three-dimensional information of the real world. Therefore, the application of 3D display technology on LED transparent screen has become a hotspot and direction of research in recent years.

3D LED screen

What is 3D LED display

Naked eye 3D LED display screen refers to an LED display screen that can see stereoscopic display effect without visual assistance such as polarized glasses. This is a brand-new media presentation mode. The mini distributed optical matrix 3D fusion screen is used to superimpose professional 3D audio-visual materials, presenting visual shock and impact with perfect display effect, breaking through the art boundary and subverting the traditional flat-panel video display mode.

You should want to know how the 3D LED screen works outdoors?

In fact, we are born with a sense of 3D space. When our eyes see an object, because the distance between the two eyeballs is very small, two different tiny images will appear, which enables the brain to calculate the spatial coordinates between the objects and display the three-dimensional effect. The 3D display technology of glasses also adopts the same principle to separate and send the images to the left and right eyes of the viewer respectively to achieve the 3D effect.

The outdoor 3D LED display screen is bent into a certain arc or 90 degree flexible LED display screen as hardware, and combines two images taken from different angles into one lens. When we view these images with left and right eyes, parallax occurs, resulting in the depth observed in 3D technology.

Advantages of outdoor 3D LED display

1. No natural light interference, no seam.

2. Protect eyes and block harmful blue light.

3. Support 2D and 3D full format display.

4. No 3D flicker, no 3D dizziness, no 3D brain fatigue.

Therefore, with the increasing expectations of consumers for 3D LED screens and the advertising effects brought by 3D LED screens to brands, 3D LED screens are increasingly favored by audiences and brands.

3d led display

3D LED display installation case

After a year’s waiting, an amazing shopping center in Cairo has almost been completed. Engineers are working on lighting, audio and LED display to attract people.

To become a landmark in the town, the LED video wall must represent the new technology and digital world, which is the appearance of the shopping center.

After one night and one day’s work, the screen installation is almost completed. The first naked eye 3D outdoor display will be launched soon. It has cirve design and 3D media content. People like to visit and publish it on social media such as Facebook, instagram and Youtube.

This is the lifestyle of young people and also an opportunity to attract people to spend a day here.

During the pandemic of the past three years, most of the business in this industry has been declining. Now it is time to open up. People like to go out and play. DOOH is the best way to show everything to the market and restore the business to normal.

What are you waiting for? Let your customers immediately experience the super cool 3D LED display!

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