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How much does an LED advertising truck cost?

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What is LED truck advertising?
Advantages of using LED billboard trucks for advertising
How much does an LED advertising truck cost?

In the current era of information explosion, the diversity of products makes every business owner explore a way to quickly develop sales channels and obtain profits quickly. Advertising has had this characteristic since its inception, and all-round publicity has become an option that cannot be ignored. With the increasing abundance of media, traditional TV and newspapers have gradually developed into leaflets, mobile phones, and outdoor advertisements, which have become ubiquitous and penetrated into every corner of people’s lives. People have evolved from positive acceptance in the past to some resistance to advertising. LED advertising vehicles cleverly solve this problem, making advertising more flexible and actively penetrating advertising into the audience as the main body instead of letting people passively wait for advertising. Passively waiting for an advertisement is a passive experience. People can choose whether to pay attention to it. The advertisement is presented directly in front of people’s eyes, just like a flowing picture, which improves the visibility and attractiveness of the advertisement. Why do brands prefer LED display advertising?

LED advertising truck

What is LED truck advertising?

With the rapid development of technology, advertising forms are constantly innovating and updating. In this era of information explosion, advertising has become an important means of publicity and promotion for businesses. As an emerging form of advertising, vehicle-mounted advertising screens are also constantly developing and improving. The so-called vehicle-mounted LED advertising screen is an LED electronic display screen that can move advertisements through the car body.

Advantages of using LED billboard trucks for advertising

High arrival rate

According to authoritative survey results, car body advertising is the media with the highest reach among outdoor advertising. Forcing passengers to accept advertising information compulsorily, the effective arrival rate is extremely high, which greatly enhances the advertising audience’s cognitive process of products and brands.

High liquidity

It gets rid of the constraints of geographical environment and urban areas. It can travel back and forth on fixed lines and non-fixed lines throughout the day according to customer needs. It has the characteristics of strong mobility and wide audience. At the same time, it is highly humanized and conforms to the public’s behavioral habits and appreciation standards, bringing seamless communication benefits to various road sections where people hang out, walk and stop, allowing consumers to inadvertently accept the strong brand promotion activities.

Combining multiple elements

It combines leisure, entertainment and advertising into one, with beautiful appearance, unique shape and clear picture, which can attract the audience’s attention to the maximum extent and create huge benefits for corporate investment.

High degree of freedom

The LED advertising truck does not need to be set up, is convenient and fast, and is not limited by time and space; it can be parked and can freely choose mobile or fixed advertising audience groups; it can be lifted, lowered and rotated to freely position the angle and height of outdoor video release. Follow the target consumers targeted by the company, have close contact, and deliver rapid information in a focused manner.

LED advertising truck

How much does an LED advertising truck cost?

The price of LED advertising vehicles varies depending on a variety of factors, including vehicle model, LED screen size and quality, LED lighting system performance, body customization, etc. Here are some key factors that may affect the price of LED advertising trucks:

Vehicle Type: Different types of vehicles (e.g. vans, trucks, buses, etc.) have different price ranges. Larger vehicles usually cost more.

LED screen size and quality: The main feature of the LED advertising truck is the LED screen. The size and quality of the screen will directly affect the price. Larger, higher-resolution LED screens usually mean higher costs.

LED lighting system: The performance and quality of the lighting system of the LED advertising vehicle have an impact on the price. Some advanced systems may have more features, but may also result in higher costs.

Body customization: Customized body design, color and accessories may increase the cost of LED advertising vehicles. Especially when special design and branding is required, the price may be higher. What should you consider when customizing LED digital screens?

Technical functions: Some advanced technical functions, such as remote control, interactive functions, audio systems, etc., may increase the cost of LED advertising trucks.

Accessories and additional equipment: Other accessories and equipment such as generators, air conditioning systems, in-car amenities, etc. may also have an impact on the price. What are the supporting equipment for LED display screens?

Generally speaking, the price of an LED advertising vehicle is about US$30,000. The price of a small advertising truck ranges from US$20,000 to US$30,000, the price of a medium-sized advertising vehicle ranges from US$30,000 to US$50,000, and the price of a large advertising vehicle ranges from US$50,000 to US$100,000.

LED advertising truck

Please note:

The above prices are for reference only, and the actual prices may vary depending on factors such as brand, model, configuration, etc.
LED panel prices are usually calculated by square meter, but some manufacturers may quote prices by module or entire screen.


Before purchasing an LED panel, you should make a comparison selection based on actual needs.
You can ask multiple manufacturers for quotes to get the best price.

As your LED screen expert, we have prepared an LED advertising vehicle plan for you. You can start by visiting our LED screens and get a free quote!

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