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How much is the rental price of led stage screen in American?

American LED stage rental screen

In the current stage performance activities, it is often necessary to install a large LED display screen as the background wall and playback screen, which is indispensable in stage performance. Today’s stage screens basically use American stage LED displays, which have many advantages and are cheap.

American LED stage display price

Expenses included in the quotation of stage LED display

Screen quotation: screen model and area.

Supporting equipment: including control system, computer, audio and power amplifier, power distribution cabinet, video processor.

System engineering: including steel structure, electric wiring, installation and commissioning, transportation costs, etc.

Concert LED display

Model of stage led display

At present, the American stage LED display screen will generally use P4.81 model, with a price of about 1000 US dollars/m2. However, the specific price needs to be further understood with the manufacturer, and the price is different for different models.

At present, the price of American stage LED display screen is generally calculated according to the unit area of the screen. At present, the price usually ranges from 600 to 1200 dollars/m2. This is related to the specific size, model and configuration requirements of the stage LED display.

Size and area of American stage LED display

P in the stage LED display screen represents the space between any two pixels. For example, the P4 full color screen represents that the distance between pixels is 3mm. The smaller the dot spacing is, the higher the resolution and clarity will be. Generally, the smaller the stage LED display model is, the higher the price of stage LED display will be. For example, under the same configuration, P3 must be more expensive than P4.

The pixel density varies with the dot spacing. P2.5 The pixel density is 160000 points/m2, P3 100000 points/m2, P4 62500 points/m2.

With the same point spacing, the viewing distance is also different. For example, P3 is better when it is 3 meters away, P4 is better when it is 4 meters away, and so on. If the size and area of the stage LED display screen is too small, a higher density LED rental display screen model is required to achieve good display effect. The specific stage LED display model shall be determined according to viewing distance, use occasion, display requirements, capital budget, etc.

The American stage LED display screen is recommended to be made in 4:3 or 16:9 ratio according to the conventional length and width dimensions, so that the length and width ratio of the screen is relatively coordinated and the display effect is good.

stage led display

Information to be provided when purchasing American stage LED display

Installation environment:

The installation environment of American stage LED display, indoor or outdoor, and the installation method, whether it is fixed installation or removable (commonly known as rental LED display). The fixed installation cost is generally lower than the removable installation cost, because the mobile installation requires additional materials (box air box, etc.).

Viewing distance:

Provide viewing distance of stage LED display.

Model and specification:

The selection of led display screen is based on viewing distance. P4 can be selected for viewing from 4M, and P4 models can be clearly viewed from 4-50M.

stage led display

The future of LED rental screen

In terms of cost, the biggest reason why customers choose to rent screens is that compared with ordinary LED displays, LED rental screens have more advantages in cost, and small space products only use several times more light beads in the production process than ordinary displays, so the price of small space products is high. In terms of maintenance, because LED stage rental screens often need to be disassembled and moved during use, which is very easy to cause bumps, especially for products with small spacing, which is more likely to cause bumps. In case of bumps, a large number of professionals are required to repair them. It is difficult to expect the manufacturer to repair them. Users must set up a professional team to maintain the small spacing rental screens, which undoubtedly adds a part of the cost, This is also one of the reasons why small spacing products are not widely used in the rental market.

At present, as China’s COB packaging technology continues to mature, and the 5G carrying system continues to improve, LED rental screen enterprises should seize the opportunity, innovate technology, and develop towards small spacing high-definition rental screen. From the perspective of audience demand, in the future, the audience will pursue higher definition and more realistic colors on the basis of the existing ones. Small pitch products are bound to be the development trend of stage rental screens.

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