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How to choose the right LED screen rental for theaters

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Factors affecting the price of LED rental screens
Why is there such a big gap in LED rental display costs?
How to choose the right LED screen rental for your theater production?
What should you consider when choosing an LED display rental company?
Why is it recommended to choose SoStron?

The LED rental screen is a customized display screen made of die-cast aluminum box material. It has the characteristics of being light and thin, resistant to high temperatures, highly stable, not easily damaged, easy to install and disassemble, and convenient for transportation. Therefore, it is widely used in stage rental, singing and dancing evening parties, various conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, conference rooms and other places.

LED rental screens

Factors affecting the price of LED rental screens

Generally speaking, the price of LED rental screen mainly depends on the following aspects:

Rental area and model: The price will vary depending on the rental area and model. Generally speaking, the larger the area and the more high-end the model, the higher the price will be.

Length of lease and number of uses: The length of lease and number of uses will also have an impact on the price. Generally speaking, the longer the lease and the more it is used, the higher the price will be.

Screen size and color: Screen size and color are also factors that affect the price. Generally speaking, the larger the screen size and the brighter the color, the higher the price.

Cabinet material and craftsmanship: Cabinet material and craftsmanship will also affect the price of LED rental screens. Generally speaking, the better the cabinet material and the finer the craftsmanship, the higher the price will be.

Other costs: In addition to the above factors, the price of LED rental screens may also include other costs, such as transportation fees, installation fees, maintenance fees, etc.

Therefore, to calculate the price of an LED rental screen, you should contact the supplier and provide your specific needs and specifications so that they can provide you with an accurate quote. Different providers may have different pricing strategies and leasing options, so it’s best to compare with multiple providers to get the best price and service.

LED rental screens

Why is there such a big gap in LED rental display costs?

In fact, there are many factors that affect the cost of LED rental display. The following are the more important factors that affect the cost of LED display rental.

1. Related to needs

Just think about it, a standard-sized single-color LED rental display may not be able to meet the effect you want. Its production and construction are relatively simple, so the price of this kind of LED rental display will not be very high. If what you want is the effect of stable display in multiple styles and large size, then the operation complexity will become higher and the price will be higher than that of ordinary LED rental displays.

2. Related to accessories

In addition to the screen itself, the LED rental display screen will also be equipped with various accessories such as sending cards, receiving cards, distribution boxes, processors, etc. The cost of these accessories can range from high to low. Generally, you can choose the one with higher cost performance. .

3. Related to the LED rental display company

There are still many companies on the market that make LED rental displays, and it is not ruled out that people may be deceived by some unscrupulous companies. For example, if a company promises you in the early stage and cuts corners during production, these extra costs can actually be avoided.

LED rental screens

How to choose the right LED screen rental for your theater production?

A. Determine needs and budget

First, you need to clarify the rental requirements of the theater, such as stage size, number of audience, performance format and budget, etc. This will help you choose the right LED screen model, size and resolution and ensure it meets your needs during the rental period. Here are the rental screen solutions in Dubai.

B. Consider screen usage and location

The purpose of the LED screen will affect how it is designed and installed. For example, if it is used for background display, you need to choose a screen with bright colors and high resolution; if it is used for stage performances, you need to choose a screen with high definition and high refresh rate. At the same time, the location of the screen needs to be considered, such as whether it needs to be hung above or behind the stage, whether it needs to be mobile, etc.

C. Understand the screen technical parameters

When choosing an LED screen rental company, you need to understand its technical parameters, such as screen size, color, brightness, contrast and refresh rate, etc. This will help ensure that the screen you choose meets your needs and provides the best possible visuals for the duration of your rental.

D. Consider the professionalism and service quality of the leasing company

It is very important to choose an LED screen rental company with high professionalism and high service quality. It is necessary to ensure that the leasing company can provide a full range of technical support and after-sales services, including installation, commissioning, maintenance and training. This will help ensure that no issues arise during the rental period and any emergencies can be addressed promptly.

E.Technical support and maintenance

Make sure the rental company provides adequate technical support and maintenance services. This is important should any technical issues arise during the event to ensure a seamless show.

F. Installation and disassembly

Plan the installation and removal process of the LED screen. Make sure the rental company has a professional installation team and negotiate a schedule with them.

G.Testing and drills

Conduct testing and rehearsals before the official event. Make sure the LED screen and all related equipment are working properly, and conduct a walkthrough to ensure everything goes smoothly.

H.Contracts and insurance

Sign a detailed lease contract with the leasing company, including fees, insurance and liability provisions. Make sure your theater and equipment are protected by appropriate insurance during the rental period.

LED rental screens

What should you consider when choosing an LED display rental company?

Success Stories: Understanding a manufacturer’s success stories can help indirectly understand its business capabilities and professionalism. If it has many cases of the same type, or has undertaken large-scale event projects, it can mean that the manufacturer has rich engineering experience and can complete the project well.

The overall strength of the manufacturer: The overall strength of the manufacturer includes its scale, technical strength, professionalism, service quality, etc., which will affect the quality and services of the LED displays it provides. The most feared thing in large-scale events is the failure of some stage machines. If the manufacturer can provide complete after-sales service, complete various debugging work and corresponding technical support in a timely and fast manner, the risk can be greatly reduced.

Rental cost budget: Rental costs include screen rental fees, freight fees, base construction and installation fees, etc. It is necessary to comprehensively compare the prices of different LED rental screen manufacturers and look at some basic configurations of their displays, such as masks and LED transparent screen modules. , HUB hub, receiving card, power supply, box, etc., find a manufacturer of cost-effective products.

Display performance: including disassembly and assembly portability, safety, screen size, resolution and brightness, etc. Portability, such as the convenience of disassembly and assembly of the screen, safety, such as waterproof performance, failure rate, etc. These will affect the effect of leasing.

Transportation and installation methods: The installation environment of the stage, the size of the display screen, the shape of the display screen, etc. are different, and the needs of users are also different, so you need to consider whether the transportation and installation methods meet your needs.

Why is it recommended to choose SoStron?

SoStron provides services to customers to ensure that every customer has a good experience working with Shichuang Intelligent when they need help.

1. Online services

We provide online training courses/FAQs/live chat for customers/engineers where you can find answers immediately before contacting someone else.

2.CMS remote assistance

Thanks to Shichuang Intelligent CMS system, we can remotely control the customer’s screen. We can assist with installation, troubleshooting, remote real-time monitoring, and operation.

3. We understand LED display screen

In order to provide better service, we have a team that has been working in the field of LED screens for many years, and our employees are all product experts and can speak English. We fly around the world to help customers with local training, on-site installation and troubleshooting.

We trust our own monitors and we believe it will benefit our customers.

4.24 hours reply

Answering calls and responding to emails within 24 hours is the cornerstone of our service.

5. Keep smiling

Attitude is everything, and we always maintain a positive attitude when providing customer service, even if it’s not face-to-face.

6. Active listening

Pay attention to your feedback, then review the data and listen to your issues in real time, which will effectively solve the problem and make the customer happier.

As your LED screen expert, we have prepared LED display solution planning for you. You can start by visiting our LED screens and get a free quote!

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