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How to connect screens to cms

To start with the SoStron CMS platform,you need following Hardware:

SoStron CMS

1.One android device based Media Player (Can be other android based player)

2.One Display that you need to be controlled, it can be LED  screen,digital signage,video wall,projector or LCD Monitor.

3.One PC and one Android based Mobile phone.

Step 1.Hardware connection

If you have a small screen with resolution below 480P,connect your LED screen/LED Sign/Video wall/Bill board through cloud like this.

LED screen

If you have a small screen with resolution above 480P,connect your LED screen/LED Sign/Video wall/Bill board through cloud like this.

LED screen

Step 2.Register

Go to sostron.com

If you already have account,just login;If you do not have any,sign up first.

Install DoPlayer

Step 3. Install DoPlayer on Media player

Let’s go to Media Player (consider it’s a small computer with Android system).

Turn on player(B40/B50/B60/3in1 for LED screen and Video wall, or other android based player),use browser to go to sostron.com, you’ll find App from right corner on the bottom,click.

connect screens

Download DoPlayer to the Media Player,follow installtion process to install it,then there’s QR code and DEVICE ID will show up.


Connect Ethernet cable to Media Player,or go to setting on the left,connect WIFI or 4G/5G instead. 

connect screens

Step 4.Add Device

Go to CMS,find [Add device] from Device list,then click. 

Go to CMS

Input the 16 digital number  that you see from Media Player and other information,then click [Add].

Go to CMS

After that you will see device online(with blue color instead of grey),if it’s not,check following

Did the media player connect to internet?

Did you use the right server on DoPlayer?

Did you input the right Device ID from cms?

LED screen

Then your LED screen is connected to CMS,and you are ready to remote control and publish media content.

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