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How to make a new screen work

Please follow the steps to make LED screen work.

Step 1.Open package

When you receive the LED screen,the package could be like one of this

Flight case packing
Flight case packing
Wooden box packing
Wooden box packing


Open it,and take LED screen panels out.

Normally we will pack accessories separately, like power cable,data cable,spare modules,media player etc.find them before installation.

Step 2.Install led panels

Install led panels one by one, connect them with side locks or plate.

Connect power cable and data cable between panels

How to connect panels of LED Screen
How to connect panels of LED Screen

Step 3.Connect control system

Connect power box P200/P300 to the power source and screen

DoMedea power box P200/P300
DoMedea power box P200/P300

Please notice that the power cable between panel to panel are 2.5m2,the max load is 5KW,so each power cable DO NOT CONNECT PANELS TOGETHER MORE THAN MAX LOAD.

Connect media player to screen,and to internet

DoMedea CMS Media Player B40/B50/B60
DoMedea CMS Media Player B40/B50/B60

Step 4.Login and control

Use Chrome browser,login from sostron.com,you should have a username and password

SoStron smart CMS system

  SoStron smart CMS system

Go to publish,follow the steps to publish advertising to the screen.

DoMedea CMS publish advertising for led screen

When download finish,you’ll see advertising on the screen.

advertising led screen
advertising led screen

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