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LED floor screen professional guide


What is LED floor screen?
LED floor screen working principle
What are the characteristics of LED floor tile screen
What are the application scenarios of LED floor display
LED interactive floor tile screen commonly used models and prices

What is LED flooring?

LED floor is an innovative product that integrates LED display technology and floor decoration functions. It integrates LED display technology into the design of the floor, making the ground not only an ordinary hard surface, but also an interactive display platform that can display multimedia content such as images, animations and videos. Take you 8 minutes to understand the working principle of LED interactive floor tile screen.

LED flooring usually consists of multiple LED display modules that can be combined into floor areas of different sizes and shapes. LED floor using high-brightness LED lamp beads, can display bright, vivid images and video content on the ground, with high resolution and color restoration capabilities. At the same time, it also has a large viewing Angle, so that the audience can enjoy the display content from different angles, not limited to a fixed viewing position.

LED flooring can not only be used for commercial display and advertising, but also can be applied to entertainment venues, performing arts, sports events and other occasions to enhance the scene atmosphere, attract the audience’s attention, and provide a more colorful interactive experience.

Due to the special nature of the LED floor, its production and installation need to take into account the stability of the ground, water and dust resistance, as well as the coordinated integration with the surrounding environment and other factors. Therefore, when designing and applying LED flooring, it is necessary to fully consider the actual scenarios and needs to ensure its safe and stable operation and obtain the best visual effects.

LED floor tile display

Working principle of LED floor tile display

There are two kinds of interactive effects of LED floor tile display, one is gravity sensing, one is radar sensing, loaded with pressure sensors or capacitive sensors or infrared sensors and other equipment, when people move on the floor tile screen, the sensor can sense the position of people and trigger information feedback to the main controller, and then the main controller logic judgment after output the corresponding display effect. For example, with the help of infrared induction, you can follow the movement of a person, and you can follow the activities of the human body to present immediate picture effects, so that you can achieve effects such as actors and audiences walking through, water ripples at the foot, and flowers opening.

What are the characteristics of LED floor tile screen

Ultra-high load bearing capacity, high strength shell mask design makes this product is not afraid of car crushing.
LED floor tile screen design has waterproof, long-term use can also confirm the stability of performance.
Interactive experience, LED floor tile screen can interact with the human body, such as showing interactive games on the floor tile, beating patterns, etc., to bring people a more rich and interesting experience.
Flexible combination, the LED floor tile screen is usually composed of multiple independent modules, which can be flexibly combined according to actual needs and site size.

What are the application scenarios of LED floor screens

Urban green decoration

In different festivals, lanterns of various sizes are often added to bring different festival atmosphere to the city and make the city more warm. However, lantern decorations don’t always have a unique effect. In order to make the city decoration more unique, different enterprises or special places began to make full use of the characteristics of LED floor tile screens. Within the scope of urban green decoration, the LED floor tile screen adds more surprises to the decoration.

Corporate identity

With the development of different entrepreneurial zones around the country, more and more enterprises and startups choose high-tech zones as the development base of enterprises. Companies are starting to pay more attention to the identity of their units and what distinguishes them from other businesses. Therefore, enterprises will choose professional LED floor tile screen suppliers to complete the decoration and production of corporate logos. By using the LED floor tile screen, enterprises can stand out in the dark environment and make their logo more eye-catching, so the corporate logo has also become one of the applications of the LED floor tile screen.

Large performance venue

The use of different colors of lights and LED floor tiles can bring a different atmosphere to the entire performance venue, presenting a diverse visual feast for the audience. Due to the constant transformation of the scene, the LED floor tile screen can display a variety of different colors, so it has become an indispensable part of the large performance venues.

LED interactive floor tile screen commonly used models and prices

The common model of led floor tile screen is P3.91.

LED floor tile screen price composition

1. Screen price. It accounts for more than 60% of the total investment of the project. LED floor tile screen is composed of lamp bead, box, mask, power supply and so on.

2. Supporting equipment. Basic accessories: Computer, power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), video processor (optional), etc

3. System engineering. Including screen structure, wiring, installation and commissioning.

4. Freight, including air suitcases for easy packing and transportation.

At present, the price of LED floor tile screen per square meter on the market is 1000~2000 US dollars, this is only the price of the screen body, does not include the installation structure, control system, accessories, etc., the price is related to the specific model and configuration.

All in all, the application of LED floor tile screen makes urban green decoration create a different atmosphere in different festivals and become an indispensable part of urban decoration work. At the same time, enterprises in the high-tech zone also use professional LED floor tile screen suppliers to improve the identification and differentiation between enterprises. In addition, the LED floor tile screen is also widely used in the decoration of corporate logos and large-scale performance venues, adding more colorful urban life.

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