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LED Takeout box application guide

As the food delivery market continues to expand and competition becomes increasingly fierce, food delivery shops need to provide better services and experiences to attract and retain customers. LED take-out box, as a new type of take-out incubator, can not only keep heat and keep the freshness and temperature of take-out food, but also display brand and advertising information through LED lights to improve the exposure rate and brand image of the store. This article will introduce you to the application guide of LED takeout box, to help you better use it to improve the quality of takeout service and user experience.

Choose the LED takeout box that suits you

There are many brands and models of LED take-out boxes. To choose the one suitable for you, you need to consider the following aspects:

Appearance design

The appearance design of LED take-out boxes directly affects the image and brand image of the store, so we should choose simple and beautiful appearance, in line with our own brand image of take-out boxes.

Insulation effect

The insulation effect is one of the most basic functions of LED take-out boxes. It is necessary to choose LED take-out boxes with good insulation effect and able to keep food temperature stable.

Capacity size

The capacity size of LED take-out box also needs to be selected according to their take-out business and order quantity, not too large or too small.

Function setting

Some LED takeout boxes can also realize temperature monitoring, online ordering, payment and other functions through the intelligent system, according to their needs to choose the appropriate function Settings.

Use LED takeout bins correctly

Keep clean

LED take-out boxes are often used for food insulation, so keep them clean and do not allow food to remain in the box, so as to avoid odor and bacteria.

Preheat and precool

Before using the LED take-out box, preheat or pre-cool it first to ensure that the internal temperature of the box is consistent with that of the food to ensure the temperature and freshness of the food.

Reasonable placement

LED take-out containers should be placed reasonably when in use and kept level to avoid food tilting and tipping over.

Timely charging

LED takeout bins need to be charged in order to work, so charge them promptly to ensure that they work properly.

LED Takeout box

Rational marketing use of LED take-out boxes


LED takeout boxes can display the brand and advertising information of the store through LED lights. This function can be used to carry out advertising, improve the exposure rate and brand image of the store, and attract more customers.

Promotional activities

Sales promotion activities, such as discount and full reduction, can be displayed through LED take-out boxes to attract customers to place orders and increase the sales volume of the store.

Intimate service

Some LED takeout boxes can also realize temperature monitoring, online ordering, payment and other functions through the intelligent system, which can provide more intimate services, improve user experience and retain loyal customers.

LED Takeout box

Reasonable maintenance of LED takeout boxes

Regular cleaning

LED take-out boxes are frequently used and need to be cleaned regularly to keep them clean and sanitary so as to avoid odors and bacteria.

Timely maintenance

If the LED take-out box fails or is damaged, it needs to be repaired or replaced in time to ensure its normal use and insulation effect. Free to teach you 10 ways to maintain LED display.

Periodic charge

LED take-out boxes need to be charged to work normally. They should be charged regularly to ensure sufficient charging power and avoid the situation of insufficient power when in use.

In short, as a new type of take-out incubator, LED take-out box has multiple functions such as insulation, preservation, advertising and intimate service, which can help take-out shops improve service quality and user experience, attract more customers and increase sales. Reasonable selection, proper use, reasonable marketing and maintenance of LED take-out boxes can give full play to its advantages and bring more benefits and profits to the store.

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