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Israel LED Poster Price and Application Guide

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Israel LED poster application
What affects the price of LED posters in Israel?
Israel LED Poster Price

LED posters have become a powerful tool in the field of modern advertising and information dissemination in Israel. They capture the attention of their target audience with high brightness and dynamics, whether in shopping malls, transport hubs, stadiums or city streets. However, many people are clueless about the prices of LED posters in Israel, so we will dive into the price range of LED posters in Israel to help you choose a solution that fits your budget.

Israel LED Poster Price

Israel LED poster application

Counter display

For the scenes of specialty stores and special counters such as clothing and shoe cabinets, Israel LED poster screens can be hoisted, which is stylish and simple, eye-catching, and fully enhances the quality of the counters.

Catering store

Under the increasingly fierce market conditions, the store environment has become an important part of soft services and consumer experience. How to strengthen product service awareness and brand building is the key point that stores in various industries should consider.

Large supermarket

Faced with increasingly personalized and refined consumer demands, the supermarket industry is also constantly innovating and reforming, and paying more attention to the integration of “efficiency” and “experience”.

digital cinem

As one of the scenes that people often go to for daily leisure and entertainment, movie theaters are called “the gate to another world”.

What affects the price of LED posters in Israel?

Size and resolution: The size and resolution of an Israeli LED poster is a key factor in determining the price. Larger and higher resolution LED screens are usually more expensive.

LED Screen Types: LED posters can use different types of LED screens, including traditional LED modules, SMD LEDs (Surface Mount Devices), and OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes), among others. Different types of screens have different prices.

Control system: Israeli LED posters usually require a control system to manage content and brightness. Complex control systems can add to costs.

Custom Requirements: Costs may be higher if you require a special custom design, shape or function.

Israel LED Poster Price

basic price range

p2.5 Israeli LED poster screen is $600 per square meter;
$400 per square meter for p4 LED poster screen;
USD 300 per square meter for P6 LED poster screen;
USD 200 per square meter for P8 LED posters.

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