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Lighting Show at Shenzhen Talent Park

Last weekend, I went to Shenzhen Talent Park with my friend. All of a sudden the light show started while we were walking on the roadside.

Shenzhen Talent Park

The show was accomplished by drones, combining modern and high tech at the same time. It’s so amazing that different themes of light show were performed by drones flying around and around.

Shenzhen Talent Park

There are many tall buildings and great mansions around here and all of them are covered by led pixel lights, which make them look like a whole huge canvas.

There is Shenzhen Coastal City nearby. The view of lights and led display inside the mall was also very impressive.

Shenzhen Talent Park

After drinking a glass of beer with my friend in a small tavern, we finished our day.

What a cool and remarkable experience!

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