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SoStron transparent screen – a better solution

As the demand for commercial LED screens increases, the application of transparent advertising screens not only meets installation, but also requires visual impact. SoStron follows the market trend and launches the latest transparent screen. Compared with the traditional LED transparent screen, SoStron has the following advantages.

commercial LED screens

l  Lighter and thinner-the cabinet itself weighs only 13kg, which is 75% less than a traditional cabinet.

l  It is more transparent, and the permeability reaches 80%, which effectively protects the appearance of the building.

l  More energy-saving, the average power consumption of the power supply is as low as 160w per square meter, which is 70% energy saving compared to the traditional display.

l  Easier installation and maintenance, saving costs, using two methods of front maintenance and back maintenance, saving 80% of labor costs.

LED transparent screen

Here are some application of LED transparent screen

Glass showcases-creative and attractive store windows can attract consumers attention,large glass curtain wall-strong visual impact, increase the attention of advertising

Glass Guardrails-Transparent screens for guardrails can be installed in all glass guardrail scenes, such as: airports, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, shopping malls, etc., not only increase the sense of technology, color and highlights of the building, thereby bringing more benefit.

LED transparent screen LED transparent screen

Other creative displays-you can customize different, more creative displays

As long as you can imagine,transparent led screen can make it happen 

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