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Brief of Shenzhen Sostron ‘s Transparent LED Display

Brief of Shenzhen Sostron ‘s Transparent LED Display.

In 2013, LED Display industry develops to a certain extent,Especially the Outdoor LED Display installed much more around the CBD in cities.People found that some problems came just like as below:

1, City image problem when the Outdoor LED Display looks like a “city scar” when it’s sleeping. very ugly when you are looking.

2, It’s too difficult to approvethe submit for the traditional outdoor led display.

More and more manufacturers found the transparent LED Display,As a new product,Its advantage is obviously.Without those problems like above and different with traditional LED Display.

Please see it’s advantage as below:

1,Transparent LED Display integrated all advantages of traditional led display.

2,It doesn’t influence the city image when it’s sleeping.Because it was installed behind the glass wall.

3,It’s lighter than traditional led display.

4,It’s no need the steel frame.lower budget.

5,Easy installation and easy maintenance.low manpower.

LED Display

6, Transparency rate is up to 95%,to make sure the sunlight through.Will notinfluence the sight and sunshine.

7,It looks more beautiful, like a arts goods and with a sense of the science & technology when you stand in the front of the LED Display.

As a professional smart turnkey led display solution provider in China, Shenzhen SoStron closely follows the pace of the LED Display industry, and produced two series transparent led display with high quality and competitive price into market.

Crystal F series is wide viewing angle display, Standard module size is1000*500,1000*1000 available.Brightness is more than 5500nits.transparency rate can up to 70%.It’s lighter to easy and quick installation,Both front and rear acrylic cover for protection.

Please see the picture for Crystal F series as below:

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