Outdoor LED electronic screen prices and trends

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Factors affecting the price of outdoor LED display
Outdoor LED electronic screen price trends
Outdoor LED electronic screen price

Outdoor LED electronic screen media is the trend of the development of the advertising industry in the 21st century, is a indoor and outdoor advertising display equipment with audio and video functions, and is an international leading high-tech product. The appearance of this kind of equipment is novel and unique, its area can be adjusted at will, not only can play audio and video advertising programs, but also can install fixed light box advertising space.

The light-emitting material used in the LED display itself is an energy-saving product. However, because the area of the outdoor display is generally large, the power consumption is still large. Many outdoor LED display manufacturers in response to the call of the World Energy Organization and the long-term development interests of the industry from the perspective of consideration, has launched a more energy-saving, low-carbon outdoor LED display products, its power consumption compared to the previous display has been greatly improved. However, one issue that many people are concerned about is the price of outdoor LED displays, which involves multiple factors and trends. Teach you outdoor led display solutions for free.

Factors affecting the price of outdoor LED display

1, screen size and resolution: the size and resolution of the display screen is an important factor affecting the price. Large size and high resolution displays tend to require more LED modules and technical support, so the price is higher.

2, pixel density: pixel density refers to the number of LED lamp beads in a unit area. High pixel density can provide sharper images and video, but it also increases manufacturing costs, which affects prices.

3, LED lamp quality, higher price LED lamp beads have better brightness, color saturation and reliability, therefore, higher manufacturing costs.

4, power and control card quality: high-quality control card, and power can improve the stability and reliability of the display screen, but also lead to increased costs.

5, installation and maintenance costs: installation and maintenance costs include labor costs, road traffic lifting and maintenance costs, these factors will also have an impact on the price of the display.

6, brightness and protection level: Outdoor LED display needs to have a high brightness to cope with sunlight, but also need to have a certain level of protection to prevent bad weather damage to it. High brightness and protection levels increase manufacturing costs.

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Outdoor LED electronic screen price trends

Technological progress and cost reduction: With the continuous progress of LED technology, manufacturing costs have gradually decreased. New manufacturing methods, materials and processes help to increase production efficiency and thus affect the price level.

Market competition: With the increase of suppliers in the market, competition becomes more intense. In order to compete for market share, suppliers may adopt price competition strategy, which may lead to price reduction.

Application field expansion: The application field of LED display continues to expand, including outdoor advertising, sports events, concerts, etc. This increase in demand is likely to drive the expansion of the market size and affect prices.

Sustainability and energy efficiency requirements: With the increasing awareness of sustainability, people are increasingly demanding energy efficiency and environmental protection. Manufacturing more energy-efficient LED displays may require more technical input, which may affect prices.

Without considering any price factors, the price of outdoor LED display is as follows:

P10 LED outdoor display price is about $450 / square meter,

P8 LED outdoor display price is about $700 / square meter,

The price of the P5 LED outdoor display is about 850 US dollars/square meter,

P4 LED outdoor display price is about 1000 US dollars/square meter,

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