Dongguan green united charging station screen project

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Welcome to the indoor LED display project of Dongguan Lvlian Charging Station. Now we introduce this innovative energy service platform to you.

This indoor LED display project aims to provide an efficient and practical information display and user interaction platform for Dongguan Lvlian charging station. As a site providing charging services for electric vehicles, Lvlian charging station communicates with users through this display screen, providing charging information, energy knowledge and value-added services.

This indoor LED display uses advanced display technology to present information in high definition and bright colors, ensuring that users can get the required charging information clearly and accurately. The display screen can display real-time information such as the usage, idle state and expected charging time of each charging pile to help users better manage charging behavior.

led screen

In addition to basic charging information, the display also provides energy knowledge and practical services. For example, videos and animations on energy conservation and emission reduction, new energy technologies and green travel will be shown to improve users\' awareness and understanding of sustainable energy. In addition, the display can also provide relevant practical information such as discount information of surrounding businesses, weather forecast and traffic conditions, providing convenience and value-added services for users.

LED display solution