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Reta - Indoor LED commercial billboards


High brightness display

Indoor LED commercial billboards – Reta has a maximum brightness of up to 2000cd/㎡, ensuring that even in a dark indoor environment, the picture can still be vivid and vivid, attracting the audience’s attention.

High flatness

The high flatness design of Reta indoor display reduces image distortion and distortion, making the picture clearer and improving the overall visual quality.

Quick connection and ultra-thin design

The Reta indoor display’s quick-connect feature and ultra-thin design (only 58mm depth) save space while increasing installation flexibility and aesthetics.

Reta back dimension drawing

Reta front dimension drawing

Reta side dimension view

Reta top dimension diagram

Pixel pitch (mm)1.87522.5
Density (dots/sqm)284444250000160000
Module resolution (dots)14564128008192
Module width (mm)320320320
Module height (mm)160160160
Cabinet width (mm)(640/960)(640/960)(640/960)
Cabinet height (mm)480480480
Cabinet depth404040
Resolution (dots)(87381/131072)(76800/115200)(49152/73728)
Weight (kg)(6/9)(6/9)6
Max brightness (cd/sqm)800800800
Color temperature (k)650065006500
Contrast ratio5000:15000:15000:1
Max power (w)(90/160)(110/170)(120/180)
Average power (w)(50/80)(60/80)(65/85)
Voltage typeACACAC
Voltage (v)110-220110-220110-220
Driving method1/321/401/32
Screen FPS (hz)606060

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How to choose the pixel pitch of an Indoor LED commercial billboards?

Pixel pitch (measured in millimeters, such as P1.2, P1.5, P1.9, etc.) determines the display screen's resolution and viewing distance. A smaller pixel pitch provides higher resolution, suitable for close viewing. A larger pixel pitch is suitable for distant viewing, with lower cost but lower resolution. The choice should consider the viewing distance and the required image clarity.

Is the brightness adjustment function of the indoor LED electronic display screen important?

Yes, the brightness adjustment function is very important because it can adapt to different indoor environmental light conditions, ensuring that the screen content is clearly visible under any lighting. In addition, adjustable brightness helps reduce screen eye fatigue.

How is the power consumption of Indoor LED commercial billboards?

The power consumption of indoor LED commercial billboards depends on several factors, including screen size, brightness settings, pixel pitch, and usage time. LED technology is generally more energy-efficient than traditional display technologies, but the specific power consumption still needs to be determined based on the screen specifications and usage.

Is the installation and maintenance of indoor LED electronic display screens complex?

The installation of indoor LED electronic display screens usually requires a professional team to ensure correct electrical connections and structural safety. Maintenance is relatively simple, including regular cleaning of the screen, checking cable connections, and updating software. High-quality LED screens are designed for low maintenance to reduce long-term operating costs.

Indoor LED commercial billboards enhance the attractiveness of a commercial environment?

Indoor LED commercial billboards can attract customer attention by playing dynamic videos, images, and text, increasing the attractiveness of the commercial environment. They can be used to display product information, promotional activities, news updates, or artwork, thereby enhancing customer experience and brand image.

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