Outdoor LED double-sided screen next to the African road

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Project Overview

The project aims to install a series of outdoor LED double-sided screens along the highways of Africa for advertising and public service information display. With its outstanding performance and user-friendly operation, the Ares outdoor LED display screen has been chosen as the ideal solution for this project.

outdoor LED display

Advantages of Ares Outdoor LED Display Screen

High Brightness: With a brightness of 10,000 nits, ensuring clear visibility even in bright outdoor environments, attracting the attention of passing pedestrians. Knowledge about nit brightness.

Multiple Color Options: Silver, white, and black color options available, meeting various design and environmental requirements, seamlessly blending with the surrounding environment.

Lightweight and Easy Installation: Each aluminum panel weighs only 23 kilograms, lightweight and easy to install, saving up to 50% of installation costs. Here are some installation methods for installing LEDs.

Low Maintenance Cost: 1-meter by 1-meter aluminum cabinet, no air conditioning required for maintenance, reducing maintenance costs. What should you consider when customizing LED digital screens?

Customizable: Aluminum panels are customizable to meet the personalized needs of customers.
Plug and Play: Easy operation, no need for professional maintenance personnel.

Benefits Brought by Ares Outdoor LED Display Screen to Customers

Enhanced Advertising Effectiveness: High brightness and clear images effectively attract the attention of target audiences, enhancing advertising effectiveness.

Beautification of Environment: Multiple color options and customizable aluminum panels enable the display screen to seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment, enhancing the city's image.

Cost Reduction: Lightweight and easy installation, low maintenance costs, saving operational costs.

Simple Operation: Plug and play, no need for professional maintenance personnel, reducing management costs.

Case Evidence

In this project, the Ares outdoor LED display screen has been highly recognized by customers. The high brightness images remain clear even under sunlight, attracting the attention of numerous passing pedestrians. The display screen with multiple color options seamlessly blends with the surrounding environment, enhancing the city's image. Additionally, the lightweight and easy installation characteristics significantly reduce installation costs. Do you want to know the difference between indoor LED display and outdoor LED display?


As an excellent product, the Ares outdoor LED double-sided screen has brought outstanding performance and convenience to this project. Its outstanding features and numerous benefits have laid a solid foundation for the successful promotion and implementation of this project, while also providing a powerful reference for the success of similar projects in the future. In the future development, Ares outdoor LED double-sided screens will continue to play an important role, providing higher quality and more professional solutions for various outdoor advertising displays, helping customers achieve greater commercial value and social benefits.

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