What is the LED light box? Where does it apply?

LED light box is a combination of embedded led mobile text screen in traditional light box. It is a new applicable product combining modern electronic technology and traditional process technology.

LED advertising light box constantly flashes and stays, effectively improving people's visual impact; The utility model improves the utilization rate of the area of the advertising unit, and the advertising effect is self-evident like the changing light box and the rolling light box.

LED light box

Compared with ordinary light boxes, LED light boxes have more delicate appearance, thinner and lighter, and the light source is efficiently utilized, saving energy by more than 70%, greatly reducing the operating cost. Together, they meet the government's requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection. The illumination is uniform, comfortable, soft and high brightness, which improves the advertising effect of the products. Because the light box is thinner, the light guide plate of the advertising picture does not heat, and the baking of the picture by the lamp tube is prevented, the light box is safe in the process of use, and the picture does not fade or deform.


Scope of application

LED light boxes are widely used in shopping malls, barber, beauty chain stores, railway stations, highway toll stations, parking lots, hotels, entertainment places, bank studios and other places.

LED advertising light box integrates the advantages of neon lights. It can flicker continuously during the day and night, and the combination of dynamic and static causes people's attention. All kinds of characters and patterns jump orderly and reflect alternately, with strong visual impact. Meet the visual experience of the viewer and promote advertisers to obtain the maximum economic benefits. The LED electronic flashing light box will be a shining pearl of the dynamic light box in the advertising industry in the future.

LED display solution