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Cobra - COB LED display

COB LED display - Cobra

Advanced display technology

Its characteristic is that the LED chips are directly packaged on the PCB substrate to form a closely arranged LED array.

COB LED display - Cobra

LED displays are more compact

This design not only makes the LED display more compact, but also improves photoelectric conversion efficiency and heat dissipation performance.


COB LED displays excel in both outdoor and indoor applications. It has excellent weather and water resistance and can work stably in harsh climate conditions.

Pixel pitch (mm)0.931.251.56
Density (dots/sqm)1156203640000410914
Module resolution (dots)33299103684260
Module width (mm)16012096
Module height (mm)180135108
Cabinet width (mm)640480384
Cabinet height (mm)360270216
Cabinet depth333333
Resolution (dots)2663898294434083
Weight (kg)   
Max brightness (cd/sqm)   
Color temperature (k)   
Contrast ratio   
Max power (w)300300300
Average power (w)120120120
Voltage typeUnknownUnknownUnknown
Voltage (v)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Driving method   
Screen FPS (hz)606060


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What is the difference between indoor COB LED displays and regular SMD LED displays?

COB LED displays use a technology that directly encapsulates multiple LED chips on a single substrate, which makes them perform better in terms of protection, impact resistance, and seamless splicing. Compared to SMD LED displays, COB technology provides higher contrast and fewer granular feelings, suitable for close viewing.

How is the image quality of indoor COB LED displays?

Indoor COB LED displays usually provide high-resolution and high-contrast image quality because COB technology can reduce the granularity of the screen, providing smoother images and richer color performance, very suitable for indoor environments that require high-definition display.

How is the maintenance and durability of COB LED displays?

Due to their encapsulation technology, COB LED displays generally have better durability and lower maintenance requirements. They can resist dust, moisture, and wear from daily use, making them suitable for long-term stable operation in indoor environments.

In which application scenarios are indoor COB LED displays most effective?

Indoor COB LED displays are suitable for occasions that require high-definition and delicate display effects, such as meeting rooms, control rooms, high-end retail environments, art exhibitions, digital signage, and any indoor space that requires a high-quality visual experience.

What is the cost-effectiveness of indoor COB LED displays, and what are their advantages compared to traditional LED displays?

COB LED displays may have a higher initial investment than traditional SMD LED displays, but they provide better image quality and longer service life, which can bring higher cost-effectiveness in long-term operation. In addition, COB technology reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement because they are less susceptible to physical damage.

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