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Crystal - Transparent led screen


GOB technology application

This transparent LED screen uses GOB (Glue On The Board) technology, a new optical thermal conductive nano-fill material that can achieve up to 75% transparency, providing an ideal display solution for applications behind store glass.

Installation and rental options

Fixed transparent LED installation: The screen design supports fixed installation and is suitable for commercial environments with long-term display.
Rental of transparent LEDs: Rental services are also provided to meet the needs of temporary events or short-term displays.

High contrast and durable design

High-contrast display: The transparent LED screen provides a high-contrast display effect, ensuring clear images and vivid colors.
Die-cast panel and aluminum profile: The design of the die-cast panel and aluminum profile enhances the stability and durability of the screen.

Pixel pitch (mm)2.53.915.2
Density (dots/sqm)1600006541036982
Module resolution (dots)1000040882311
Module width (mm)500500500
Module height (mm)125125125
Cabinet width (mm)100010001000
Cabinet height (mm)500500500
Cabinet depth606060
Resolution (dots)800003270518491
Weight (kg)12.51211.5
MaintainFront rearFront rearFront rear
Max brightness (cd/sqm)150015001500
Color temperature (k)650065006500
Contrast ratio5000:15000:15000:1
Max power (w)400400400
Average power (w)150150150
Voltage typeACACAC
Voltage (v)110-220110-220110-220
Driving method1/81/41/4
Screen FPS (hz)606060

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How do transparent LED screens achieve a transparent effect?

Transparent LED screens achieve a transparent effect by using special LED chips and designs. These screens typically have a high level of transparency, allowing light to pass through, thus maintaining the visibility of the background while displaying images.

What scenarios are transparent LED screens suitable for?

Transparent LED screens are suitable for scenarios such as retail displays, window advertising, exhibition venues, commercial building glass curtain walls, museums, and art exhibitions. They provide visual content without obstructing the view.

What is the brightness of transparent LED screens, and are they suitable for outdoor use?

The brightness of transparent LED screens may be lower than traditional LED screens, but some high-quality transparent screens can provide sufficient brightness to adapt to outdoor environments or bright indoor settings. Manufacturers usually offer options with different brightness levels to meet various application needs.

Is the installation and maintenance of transparent LED screens complex?

The installation of transparent LED screens may require professional technical support to ensure the screen is correctly installed and can safely display content. Maintenance usually includes regular cleaning, checking power and signal connections, and ensuring the LED chips are functioning properly.

What are the cost benefits of transparent LED screens, and what are their advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional LED screens?

The cost of transparent LED screens may be higher than traditional LED screens because they use more advanced technology and design. However, they provide a unique visual experience and design flexibility, allowing for dynamic content display without interfering with the aesthetics of existing buildings.

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