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Delivery Box – 3-sided LED display


Show your band all over the streets

3 sides led display
8 hours with motocycle battery
Precise trajectory tracking
Online advertising change

Outdoor P3mm led display

Install direct on motocycle
500x500x500 delivery box
384x348mm display area


Three screens playing simultaneously

Waterproof and high brightness
Design for outdoor use
Plug and play with a motorcycles battery

Cloud platform 4G upload

GPS position tracking track
GPS positioning
A large number of LED take-out boxes cluster management

Pixel pitch (mm)2.53
Density (dots/sqm)160000111111
Module resolution (dots)58984096
Module width (mm)192192
Module height (mm)192192
Cabinet width (mm)500500
Cabinet height (mm)500500
Cabinet depth500500
Resolution (dots)4000027778
Weight (kg)1717
Max brightness (cd/sqm)45004500
Color temperature (k)65006500
Contrast ratio4000:14000:1
Max power (w)250250
Average power (w)160160
Voltage typeDCDC
Voltage (v)55
Driving method1/81/8
Screen FPS (hz)6060

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How can LED delivery box displays improve the visibility of a takeout brand?

LED delivery box displays can improve brand visibility by displaying dynamic brand logos, menu items, or promotional information on takeout vehicles. This mobile advertising method can attract the attention of passers-by when the vehicle is moving or parked.

What are the design advantages of a 3-sided display screen?

The design of a 3-sided display screen allows viewing from three directions (usually front, back, and one side), which increases the visible range, allowing more viewers to see the content displayed. This design is suitable for occasions that require advertising or information display in multiple directions, such as corner stores, exhibition centers, or busy transportation hubs.

How is the durability of LED delivery box displays?

These displays are usually designed to be weather-resistant, capable of withstanding sun and rain, suitable for long-term outdoor use. They may have waterproof and dustproof features, as well as a sturdy structure to withstand the bumps of daily transportation and display.

How to ensure the content update and management of LED delivery box displays?

These displays are usually equipped with remote control and content management systems, allowing users to remotely update display content through computers or mobile devices. This allows marketing teams to easily change advertising content in response to market changes or promotional activities.

What is the cost-effectiveness of LED delivery box displays?

Although the initial investment may be relatively high, LED delivery box displays provide long-term cost-effectiveness. They can serve as effective advertising tools to increase brand exposure and attract more customers. In addition, due to the energy-saving and long lifespan of LED technology, the long-term operating costs are low.

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