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Pixel pitch (mm)1045.336.678
Density (dots/sqm)1000062500352002247815625
Module resolution (dots)512320018021151800
Module width (mm)320320320320320
Module height (mm)160160160160160
Cabinet width (mm)960960960960960
Cabinet height (mm)960960960960960
Cabinet depth120120120120120
Resolution (dots)921657600324412071514400
Weight (kg)4242424242
MaintainFront rearFront rearFront rearFront rearFront rear
Max brightness (cd/sqm)55005500550055005500
Color temperature (k)65006500650065006500
Contrast ratio3000:13000:13000:13000:13000:1
Max power (w)732760780760720
Average power (w)268280320280260
Voltage typeACACACACAC
Voltage (v)110-220110-220110-220110-220110-220
Driving method1/21/321/101/61/5
Screen FPS (hz)6060606060


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How does an OutdoorLED digital signage ensure stability and durability under various weather conditions?

Outdoor LED digital signage are typically designed with a high level of protection, such as IP65, which means they are dustproof and resistant to water jets, making them suitable for use under various weather conditions. Additionally, they may be made of aluminum or iron materials, which can withstand the impact of harsh weather, ensuring the stability and durability of the screen.

Is the brightness of the outdooLED digital signage sufficient to attract viewers from a distance?

Yes, outdoor LED digital signage are designed with high brightness levels. For example, in the provided document, the brightness levels range from 3500 nits to 6000 nits, which is enough to attract the attention of viewers from a distance and ensure the visibility of the advertising content.

How do pixel pitch and resolution of an outdoor LED digital signage effect?

Pixel pitch (such as P2.0mm, P3.0mm, etc.) determines the screen's resolution and the clarity of displayed details. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the screen's resolution and the clearer the displayed image. According to the document, Storm LED screens offer a variety of pixel pitch options, allowing users to choose the most suitable screen to meet different display needs.

What is the power consumption of an outdoor LED digital signage?

Power consumption varies depending on the size of the screen, brightness, and usage time. The Power Consumption (max/avg.) mentioned in the document is 320W/780W, indicating the power consumption when the screen operates at maximum brightness and average consumption. To reduce power consumption, you can lower the brightness when maximum brightness is not required.

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