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Saudi Riyadh LED screen solution


LED screen price and features
Display market and Riyadh economy
Riyadh, Saudi advertising market and trends

In the historic and vibrant city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we bring a unique set of display solutions that open up new possibilities for your advertising campaign.

LED screen price and features:

The price of LED screens varies depending on a number of factors, including screen size, resolution, display technology, brightness, contrast, color accuracy, and other additional features. In addition, market supply and demand conditions, brand reputation and sales channels will also have an impact on the price. Here are some rough price ranges as a guide:

Indoor LED display price

P2.5 Indoor led display price: $800 per square meter.

P3 Indoor led display price: $500 per square meter.

P4 Indoor led display price: $400 per square meter.

Outdoor LED display price

P6 Outdoor led display price: $500 per square meter.

P8 Outdoor led display price: $400 per square meter.

P10 Outdoor led display price: $300 per square meter.

We offer competitive Riyadh display prices and focus on the following features:

High definition and bright colors: Our displays use advanced LED technology to produce high definition and bright colors to make your advertising content more vivid and attractive.

Wide viewing Angle and high brightness: The display has a wide viewing Angle range and excellent brightness, ensuring that it can be clearly seen in a variety of light conditions, thus attracting the maximum attention of the audience.

Energy Saving: Our displays use energy saving technologies to provide you with environmentally friendly, efficient solutions that reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.

Technical requirements and reliability: The climatic conditions of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, put forward certain requirements for the reliability and durability of LED displays. Factors such as high temperature, dust storms and humidity need to be taken into account in product design and manufacturing to ensure the stable operation of the display screen in harsh environments.

Saudi Arabia

Display Market and Economy of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

As the commercial center and economic powerhouse of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has a vast market and business opportunities. The display market is booming in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and the advertising industry has a strong demand for innovative and compelling media. The economic environment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is positive and the government has invested a lot of resources in digital transformation and advertising industry, providing you with good opportunities to grow in the Saudi Riyadh market. This has 2023 global LED display market size trend analysis.

Indoor and outdoor applications:

The Riyadh market in Saudi Arabia covers a variety of LED display applications, both indoor and outdoor environments. Indoor applications mainly involve shopping malls, hotels, exhibition centers, conference halls and other places, while outdoor applications include public areas such as squares, parks, commercial streets, and transportation hubs.

LED display applications

Riyadh, Saudi Advertising Market and Trends:

Commercial Centre Advertising: Commercial centres and shopping areas in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, are ideal places to display your advertising content in busy commercial streets, shopping centres and malls to attract the attention of consumers.

Indoor and outdoor events: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia hosts a variety of indoor and outdoor events and exhibitions, and our displays can be used to promote the event message, display sponsor advertisements, and give your brand wider exposure. Free to send you concert LED display application guide.

Digital advertising networks: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is increasingly adopting digital advertising networks, and our displays can be integrated into these networks to make your advertising content more flexible and real-time to your target audience.

Government regulations and licensing: The government of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has established a series of regulations and licensing requirements for the digital advertising and display industries. Before entering the Riyadh market, LED display suppliers need to understand and comply with the relevant regulations to ensure compliance.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality Riyadh display solutions to drive your brand to great success in this exciting market. Whether it is business promotion, brand promotion or event marketing, we will work closely with you to provide professional technical support and personalized service.

If you have any questions or requirements for Riyadh display solutions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you to create brilliant!

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