What is a flexible LED display?

The flexible display is a flexible display device made of flexible materials that can be deformed and bent. It has a large bending range and is often used to make LED displays of various shapes.


flexible LED display

Advantages of flexible LED display


The flexible LED display screen does not need steel support to achieve maximum flexibility, so it is lighter and thinner than traditional LED screens.

Easy to install

The portable control box can be spliced at will without orientation restriction, saving 90% of the installation cost compared with the conventional display screen.


flexible LED display

Excellent picture quality

The use of high-power SMD5050 lamp ensures the high brightness and high-definition picture display of the display screen, achieving the same viewing effect as the traditional screen.

Waterproof performance

The ultra-high waterproof grade is IP68, and the screen body can be fully watered, which is suitable for outdoor use.

Suitable for 3D LED screen

To present the naked 3D visual effect, the LED screen needs to be bent into a certain arc (90 degrees), which is exactly what the flexible LED display screen can achieve.
From the above introduction, we can see that flexible LED display screen is an innovative solution to promote your business development. Moreover, the flexibility of the flexible LED display screen allows you to personalize the size, shape and pixel spacing, allowing you to easily create excellent designs that meet customer needs.