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What are the disadvantages of LED screens?

Dead light

As the lamp beads of the LED display screen are welded on the PCB, due to the welding technology, it has a certain dead light rate, which is easy to cause the lamp beads to fall during production, transportation, installation and later use. Once the lamp beads fall, the lamp will not be displayed.

The resolution is average, and the near view effect is not clear

The resolution of LED display screen is determined by the distance between dots. Due to the limitation of packaging technology, the dot spacing of LED display screen cannot be as small as that of LCD at present, which leads to its resolution ranging from high to low. Generally speaking, the resolution is average, especially when viewed from a close distance, the picture is not particularly clear.

LED display screen

Low contrast

Relatively speaking, the color contrast of the LED display screen is the same, so when it displays a gorgeous image, the effect is not very bright, especially when its brightness decreases, the entire screen will become gray, not as bright as the LCD screen.

High heat

The larger the area of the LED display screen, the greater the heat generated during operation. In order to achieve rapid heat dissipation, auxiliary cooling is required, such as installing an air conditioner.

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